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Internal Suffering is a name well-known to fans of technically proficient yet brutal death metal. In a career that reaches back into the late 1990s and included a move from the band’s home in Pereira, Columbia, to Madrid, Spain, Internal Suffering has released five albums — and the fifth one, Cyclonic Void of Power, is out today via Unique Leader Records. We’re giving you the chance to stream all 10 tracks right now.

It’s worth mentioning that Cyclonic Void Of Power was recorded by Stefano Morabito (Eyeconoclast, ex-Hour Of Penance) at his 16th Cellar Studios in Rome, where scathing onslaughts by such bands as FleshGod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance, and Hideous Divinity were also captured, and that this new work is a concept album divided into three chapters, again exploring the mad, mystical universe the band has used as their music’s setting in previous releases.


Internal Suffering band


As for the music itself, you will discover that the album is well-named, because it will quickly hurl you into a true cyclonic onslaught of power. The band operate in the red zone most of the time, with drumming at about a billion beats per minute and frenzied riffing that claws, slashes, darts, and hammers at a similar berserker rate of speed. It’s a technically eye-popping performance that may leave you breathless and mangled beyond recognition.

Come to think of it, they’re operating in some zone that’s further off the scale than a red zone. They’ve pushed their superheated machine to the point where it’s more like riding the blast front in a nuclear detonation zone.

There aren’t many bands anywhere who can operate at the absolutely blistering pace of this one, and even fewer who use their skills so expertly to create death metal that’s both chaotically ferocious and yet machine-precise. And while the pure head-scrambling adrenaline rush you get from listening to this brutally decimating cyclone of power is reason enough to take the plunge on the new album, Internal Suffering also manage to generate an atmosphere of inhuman horror that blankets their sonic conflagration like a poisonous fog.

So don’t delay. Get on this now. But be prepared to be left slack-jawed and drooling by the end. Some hospitalization may be required.


Check out the stream below, and to pre-order a copy on CD or vinyl, with merch bundles also available, go here. To pre-order a digital download, visit this location.



  1. Sick stuff! Reminds me of Suffocation ..old school death metal vibe …just newer. Awesome

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