Jun 272016

Au Champ Des Morts cover


In April we were privileged to bring you the premiere of the title track to Le Jour Se Lève, the debut EP of a precocious French band named Au Champ Des Morts, and today we share with you a stream of the entire EP, which has now been released by Debemur Morti Productions.

ACDM was founded in 2014 by Stefan Bayle (Anorexia Nervosa) and Migreich (VULV), and this EP is a precursor to the band’s debut album, which will also be released by Debemur Morti. The EP consists of two songs, both of which quickly establish this band as one to watch closely.


Au Champ Des Morts band


The title track is not confined by rigid genre boundaries, though black metal beats at its heart. At the start, the music crashes like waves driven by a storm surge, with a moving blast-front of intensely emotional melody pierced by savage vocal cries. After that initial gale of ripping guitars and pulsing rhythms, the force subsides, replaced by ethereal guitar notes and the ambient shimmer of keyboards.

The power of the music begins to build again, with a heart-aching melody and a soulful guitar solo paving the way toward a renewal of the song’s wrenching intensity, capped by yet another guitar solo — this one drenched in tears — and a final orgy of thundering drums and truly throat-shredding vocal explosiveness. It’s a gripping piece of atmospheric, melodic black metal that succeeds in making your blood rush even as it casts a shadow of sorrow and loss.


The second song, “Le Sang, La Mort, La Chute” shows equal talent in combining contrasting elements, interweaving shimmering, mystical melodies within the heaviness of a gloom-shrouded atmosphere, accompanied by caustic, throat-scarring vocal intensity.

For most of its duration, the pacing is slow, stately, even dirge-like, and the raw anguish of the vocals emphasizes the sense of terrible bereavement that the music generates. When the song does eventually erupt in a whirlwind of slashing riffs, jolting drums, and wrenching yells, it’s as if the grief has become too much, as if a torn life has finally been ripped apart — or perhaps a loss has been exorcized in a cathartic flame. And one might interpret the song’s beautiful and moving conclusion as an expression of resignation and abandonment — or perhaps peace.


In short order, Au Champ Des Morts have proven themselves to be powerful sonic spellcasters, with a talent for creating dynamic, richly textured music with a black metal core that hits with riveting emotional intensity. We are eager to hear what they do next.

Bass on the EP was performed by Cecile G., with drums by WilhelmLe Jour Se Lève was recorded, mixed and mastered at Under The Sign Studio by Stefan Bayle, and it features artwork by Dehn Sora. To order it on 7″ vinyl, go HERE, and for a digital download, visit THIS LOCATION.



  1. That April premiere was my soul reason not to add Au Champ Des Morts to my EP feature. It’s good to begin with, and I feel that it grows gradually stronger too.

  2. Well that was certainly magnificent.

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