Sep 122016

Saturno-Thou Art All


Today marks the advent of Thou Art All, the debut EP by a band from Ferrara, Italy, named Saturno, and we happily bring you a full stream of this astounding new work.

Saturno’s ranks include past and present members of Unbirth, Demiurgon, Valgrind, and Hobnailed, and they have turned their talents to the creation of a concept EP about the Trimurti, a trinity of the supreme God in Hinduism formed by Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer.




I used the adjective “astounding” a few sentences ago, and I really meant it. Thou Art All is an explosive fireworks display of jet-speed tech-death that melds head-spinning complexity and body-mangling brutality. The riffs are darting, skittering, jabbing displays of unbounded exuberance and physical dexterity, matched by rapidly twisting and turning leads, dual-guitar acrobatics that make starbursts go off behind your eyes, and driven forward at a careening pace by ridiculously nimble bass work and turbocharged drum pummeling and somersaulting.

The lyrics are voiced by deep, carnivorous growls, and the music deftly changes pace to make way for both head-stomping grooves and excursions of gliding dissonant melody. And so while the music often resembles a vicious swarm of highly accelerated off-planet biomechs engaged in explosive combat, the songs are fascinating and addictive, held together by tendrils of melody, both grim and dissonant.

In short, this is an eye-opening debut by a group of instrumentally eye-popping musicians that ought to hold great appeal to fans of bands such as Spawn of Possession, Gorguts, and Obscura, among others. Prepare yourselves for an electrifying and head-spinning trip and then press play below. The EP can be acquired via Bandcamp.


  1. I love it, one scorcher after another 🙂

  2. Holy hell, these guys are unrelenting!

  3. Hearing lots of different influences here…nice.

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