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I have quite a lot of new music I’d like to recommend, but am short on time in what’s left of my blogging day, so I’ll just throw the following three items your way and save the rest for this weekend. Enjoy….


I learned about this first video through a Facebook post by a Scandinavian musician friend, who introduced it this way: “This is how you thrash… not the sorry excuse of music Metallica just released.” Well, I must confess that made me smile. Putting to one side whether the slap at Metallica is warranted, Kreator’s new song is definitely a scorcher, with a made-to-shout-along chorus and a solo that ought to get lots of clawed fingers thrust toward the sky.




The song is the title track to the band’s new album Gods of Violence, which will be released by Nuclear Blast on January 27. The video is NSFW (boobs and gore, displayed both separately and together, in orgiastic ecstasy). There’s also a sanitized version of the video, which may still be NSFW despite the absence of nipples. Below you’ll find both the uncensored and the censored versions. The video was made by Grupa13 as the first part of a trilogy of videos that are linked to the album’s concept, and “visualizes the birth of the Kreator demon”.

The album is available for pre-order HERE.


KREATOR – Gods of violence UNCENSORED (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Nuclear Blast on Vimeo.











At the end of October I wrote here about the first advance track from the new, self-titled album by the resurgent German black metal band Bethlehem. Yesterday, Stereogum premiered a second one, entitled “Die Dunkelheit Darbt” (“Darkness Starves” in English).

There’s a comedic introduction to the song at Stereogum by the band’s mainstay, bassist Jürgen Bartsch, and I’ll let you go there to read it — but I will crib from Doug Moore’s apt commentary about the song:

“Built around a rollicking rock refrain but never sitting still for more than a few seconds, “Die Dunkelheit Darbt” provides a good sense of both Bethlehem’s remarkable versatility and just how bone-smashingly heavy they can get.”










To conclude this little round-up I have a new single from a band I’ve been following for many years, Denmark’s Deus Otiosus. The song is “Disturbing the Dead”, and it’s from the band’s forthcoming fourth Opposer.

There’s a bloodthirsty, frenzied quality to this death/thrash song thanks to its swarming riffage and acetylene-hot soloing, but it hammers, gallops, and furiously jabs, too. It makes for a nice bookend to a trio that began with that Kreator song.

Opposer will be released in the spring of next year by the French label Great Dane Records, with distribution by Season of Mist. Danish artist Claude Wit has created the cover artwork. Here’s the track list:

1) Kneel
2) Disturbing the Dead
3) Stand Your Ground
4) Haunter
5) Towering Flames
6) The Opposer
7) To the Graves
8) Return To Slavery
9) Greater Horror
10) March Of The Unworthy



  1. New Kreator! Today is a good day. All the album covers in this article have inverted pentagrams!

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen quite a few people being “edgy” by making “clever” digs at Metallica and posting about “real” Thrash (my, that’s a lot of scare quotes) using that Kreator vid.

    Remember, any time Metallica release anything it’s an opportunity to shore up your own Metal Cred by attacking them… whether it’s warranted or not.

    On a lighter note, I’ve had that new Bethlehem album for a while now, and it’s GREAT. And Jürgen makes for a fantastic interview subject.

  3. That new Kreator song is insanely good, I’ve probably listened to it 6 or 7 times today haha. Definitely excited for their next release and I’m maintaining my stance that out of all the old thrash bands still putting out music today, Kreator are by far the best!

    • Nah, you’re just fond of the video, you perv 😉
      Just kidding. That song is amazing. I normally don’t come back to a stream for second servings, but Gods of Violence is fucking awesome. After hearing it once more, this being the third time, I have two Shades of Black posts to get through before I return to my own lengthy playlist 🙂

  4. I can’t believe how good the two new Bethlehem songs I’ve heard. This one is a bit more groovy and heavy than the other one, but it’s still so much better than anything they’ve done in years. And I’ll repeat my previous sentiment, this new vocalist is their best since the infamous Rainer Landfermann.

    • Funnily enough I conducted an interview with Jürgen recently where he told me that she actually used to be part of a couple with Rainer back in the day, so she’s been part of the extended Bethlehem “family” for quite a while.

  5. Damn, the new Kreator track is sweet 🙂

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