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December 16 is the date set by Deformeathing Production for the release of the debut album Astrophobia by the Polish band Youdash. What we have for you today is a stream of the album’s next-to-last track, “Force Guide“, as well as a collection of other songs from the album that have debuted previously.

You’ll discover from listening to the songs that the music of Youdash isn’t easy to pigeonhole, though it’s quite successful in rattling and scrambling your head in interesting ways, and sometimes fracturing it, too. Take “Force Guide” as an example.




Strange, gliding streamers of near-ambient sound can be heard, almost like cryptic messages from the void. But that’s just whispering at the back of your mind. In the forefront is a furious bombastic barrage of instrumental pyrotechnics. Rapidly darting and jabbing riffs combine with unpredictable drum rhythms and progressions. Slithering melodies appear and disappear. The drummer periodically explodes in a fury, manifesting the sounds of a war zone. Head-twisting arpeggios and rapidly bubbling bass notes explode without warning. Through it all, a maniacal vocalist veers between blood-spraying shrieks and bear-like roars.

The entire experience is like jamming a live power line right into the bass of your neck and then dancing in a convulsive seizure. It’s a fiery death metal inferno that’s technically very impressive and flamboyantly exuberant in its conception and execution.

But if you listen to some of the other tracks we’re including below (which you should), you’ll also find perhaps even greater insanity and unpredictability (along with ironclad grooves), of the kind that justifies press references to such bands as Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, and Mr. Bungle.


As noted, Astrophobia will be be released on December 16, 2016. Pre-order and social media links can be found below, along with a track list.

CD Pre-order:

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  1. Nice! Sweet artwork too 🙂

  2. And the winner of the 2016 extrme metal album of the year goes to…………..
    YOUDASH!!!! Congratulations gentlemen! In a year of albums that all sound like something another band already did you guys manage to put together an album that stands out from the crowd. An album that can come on auto play and i wont have to ask myself ” Is this The Zenith Passage, or is it The Faceless?”

  3. This is, in my humble opinion, much more interesting, groovy and spellbinding than anything I’ve heard from Dillinger, let alone Mr. Bungle. It always seemed to me that Dillinger and Bungle (Patton in particular) tried way too hard to be too clever and wacky, just to be seen as “artsy”. This feels much more organic, which is of course impossible given what the music is. A fuckin’ ++

    • I have to agree with you. It will be some kind of heresy to say this, but although I appreciate the inventiveness and energy of Mr. Bungle and DEP, neither band has been one of my favorites. What this band is doing, on the other hand, strikes a chord because, as you say, it feels more organic — and more viscerally appealing.

      • Cheers! Nothing I’ve heard so far from this band sounds forced. Bungle on the other hand, and Patton in particular, always pissed me off with it’s oh-so blatant talentless shoehorning of random sections of different styles together and then proclaiming it as some heady visionary artistic endeavor. Total BS! Making syncopated Tasmanian devil grunts over ska played with distortion is not “edgy”; it’s just crap. Sadly it seems Bungle, Faith No More and their ilk have some standing in the metal community and I’m often told that “I just don’t get it”, which does nothing but make my blood boil. Thanks for the share! I’ve already ordered it. \m/

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