Jan 272017


(Today we present the premiere of a video and song from the Belgian band Marche Funebre, and Grant Skelton provides the following introduction.)

Belgian death/doom band Marche Funèbre (a name presumably derived from the Chopin composition of the same name) will release their new album Into The Arms Of Darkness on February 20, 2017 via Moscow Funeral League. Into The Arms Of Darkness was produced by Markus ‘Schwadorf’ Stock. The creepy, nightmarish cover art was created by Brooke Shaden Photography.

No Clean Singing is proud to present an exclusive premiere of a video for the album’s first advance track, entitled “Lullaby Of Insanity.”



The video features the band performing in a lamentable, decrepit mansion. Given the dour sentimentality expressed in the song, the setting seems to be a kind of purgatory. An infinite surreality steeped in gray, in which the band members manifest as wights of spectral origin.

As for the song itself, “Lullaby Of Insanity” has a more melodic bent than much death/doom I’ve heard. Sinister leads from guitarist Peter Egberghs, combined with the poignant cleans by vocalist Arne Vandenhoeck, harmonize the tangible anguish buried within the track.

“Lullaby Of Insanity” is a nighttime nocturne that’s certain to lull you into a dreadful, doomed slumber. Should you die before you wake (and you likely will), this will be the last sound you hear. Also, look for an additional (admittedly very unsettling) nod to Chopin at the end of the video!

1. Deprived (Into Darkness)
2. Capital of Rain
3. Uneven
4. Lullaby of Insanity
5. The Garden Of All Things Wild

Get Into The Arms Of Darkness on Bandcamp:

Moscow Funeral League:

Solitude Productions:

Connect with Marche Funèbre on Facebook:



  1. Very nice. Reminds me a lot of early My Dying Bride.

  2. Please tag with “exceptions to the rule”. What a waste of a perfectly good doom death metal act.

  3. would be much better without the clean vox (the guy seriously should shut up or think about taking up a hobby other than clean singing, or should he insist on the same, he really should take some voice training lessons, as his is really flat and annoying, maybe hiring Messiah Marcolin would have been a better idea)

    the video / song reminds me of Lullaby by The Cure – even the scenes at ca. 7:39 look ripped off that one (yeah, they had to stitch the idea of lullaby and day/night-mare somehow, not to mention the idiotic / cliché juxtaposition of a metal-y band with some castle ruins, meh (yeah, kind of convention, but this is blindly-ishly following conventions, just wonder how much the band had to say when discussing the video, anyway it just looks silly)

    the ending is predictable

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