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Last October we had the pleasure of premiering an absolute bonfire of an album by the French band Sordide, displaying (at a high level) a kind of dissonant, atmospheric, intricate, multifaceted black metal with progressive and doom inclinations and a display of technical prowess that frequently veers into jaw-dropping territory. And if that seems like a wordy genre description, it’s because the music resists a simple classification.

That album, Fuir la lumière (“escape the light”), was my introduction to Sordide, and it made me an instant fan. Now we bring you another Sordide premiere, a cover of a song named “Industrielle“.

The song was originally recorded by the French grind/black-metal band Satan (on their 2015 album L’Odeur du sang), with whom Sordide will be releasing a 7″ split in April, timed to coincide with a European tour by the two bands. Although Sordide’s cover of “Industrielle” won’t appear on the split, it will be released on-line as a digital download at a future date.



Sordide’s version of “Industrielle” is a short, sharp jolt of electrification — a fast, high-intensity barrage of drum strafing, pummeling bass, and mind-warping riffs mixed with bursts of head-hammering, punk-inflected grooves — and wild vocal ferocity adding fuel to the fire throughout. A good reminder of how good this band is.


Sordide’s cover of “Industrielle” was recorded by Julien Bous (Postghost Recordings) and it was mixed and mastered by Marlon Wolterink (White Noise Studio). The engraving shown in the video first appeared in The Graphic (London, 28 January 1871).

Bandcamp: https://sordide.bandcamp.com/music
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sordideband/

Bandcamp: https://satan.bandcamp.com/music
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/satansatan/


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