Apr 182017


Do you feel dead inside? Do you hate your job, and your few friends hate you? Has hope abandoned your life like an empty pack of smokes tossed from the window of a passing car? Does the future seem to hold nothing but a steep and lonely descent into scowling bitterness and a wasteland of forgotten dreams?

If the answer is yes, we’re sorry to say that we haven’t yet mastered the power to call for a re-deal on your life. But we can do one thing for you. At least for a few minutes, we can make you feel explosively alive, like you stepped on a live power line while ringing wet, with all the motherfuckers in your life cowering in fear at the fireball that your head has turned into.

Actually, we can’t do that — but Prayers of Sanity can. Just hit the play button on “Dead Alive” down below.



“Dead Alive” comes from Face of the Unknown, which is the third album of these Portuguese thrashers and their first since 2012’s Confrontations. It will be released on April 28 by Rastilho Records.

If the song doesn’t make you feel ridiculously alive, then you really might be dead, and not in a metaphorical sense. It’s so supercharged with energy, so head-hammering and gut-punching in its grooviness, so raw and chain-splitting in the vibrant fury of its vocal attack, that it has the power to just blot out all the suckage around and within your festering soul — at least for a few minutes.

And if you’re looking for some gleaming riff gold in the moldy sock drawer of your existence, “Dead Alive” brings that, too, of course. Old-school thrash lives or dies by the power of the riff, and “Dead Alive” includes some mighty addictive ones.


Face of the Unknown was recorded and mixed by the band’s vocalist/guitarist Tião Costa. For info about how to get the album, check these links — and then let “Dead Alive” banish the shit from your life, at least for a few recklessly glorious minutes.



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