Apr 202017


Amnutseba has risen from the gutters of the Parisian black metal scene to propose a glimpse into the vortex of insanity.” So say the mysterious figures behind this new band, and they have said little else except through the music on their first demo, which will be released today on tape by Caligari Records. But as you’re about to hear, the music speaks with a powerful and mesmerizing voice.

The demo is untitled, as are the four songs it includes (identified only by Roman numerals). The stream we’re providing runs like the tape, as one continuous track rather than divided into four separate streams, though you’ll be able to tell when one song ends and the next begins.



The figures behind Amnutseba may be cloaked in mystery, but there’s little doubt that this isn’t their first recording. All of the performances are highly accomplished, with the demo produced in a way that provides clarity as well as power, enabling an appreciation for the contribution of every instrument (including the terroristic impact of the vocals). And the compositions are strikingly impressive — elaborately patterned and intricate to the point of becoming labyrinthine, and full of dynamic changes, though never losing their coherence and fragmenting into chaos.

On the other hand, an atmosphere of chaotic and orgiastic delirium is one of the key aspects of the music, the lead guitar shrieking in deranged explosions of dissonance, demented chords ringing out like hellish bells, the vocalist crying out in a rapturous but flesh-rending fury.

However, these dissonant, disorienting, cyclonic frenzies are only one aspect of the trip through the demo. Slow, dirge-like passages generate a sense of encroaching horror and dissolution. Eruptions of bombastic explosiveness augmented by choral voices could cause the weak-hearted to cower in fear before the approach of a terrible leviathan. Flickering, fret-jumping guitar insanity and acrobatic drum fills open windows into what may be an asylum run amok, or an esoteric ritual reaching its climax. The music hammers in pulverizing displays of destructiveness as well twisting the listener’s brain into new configurations. And throughout it all, the vocals are wrenching in their wild, caustic intensity.

Fiery and ferocious, marauding and majestic, eerie and ominous, and perpetually shrouded in an air of esoteric mystery, Amnutseba‘s first demo is an enormously impressive display of black/death metal. It proves to be an electrifying and immersive experience, and a spellbinding one despite how consistently strange and unnerving the music is. What an amazing surprise….


The demo is available for order as of today. Go here to do that:


Caligari Links:




  2. Oh killer, a shithouse ripoff of Portal with some poorly executed Consummation riffs thrown in. Will definitely be making several fuckwits’ end of year lists. Extra point deduction for having a misspelled HPL reference for a band name- fuck me, are cunts even trying to be original anymore? Nah, fuck that ay?

    • I’m sensing that you’re not feeling this, but it’s hard to be sure because I’m just a fuckwit.

    • Hell yeah. If the band ain’t Black Sabbath, Venom, Metallica, Helloween, Death, Mayhem, My Dying Bride, Bathory or Deathspell Omega, they’re just plagiarizing fucking posers.

      What’s that you’re wearing? Clothes? Now aren’t you the groundbreaking one.

    • i love me these feisty trolls. Consummation? what the fuck is that? Haha. Love this guy. No one rips off Consummation.

  3. What gleefully oppressive dissonance, by ways of hypnotic atonal ebbs and flows.

  4. That was mildly interesting until the blatant Portal rip off shit came in. Utterly useless.

  5. The bands these guys rip off are pretty cool

  6. It sounds like King Ass Ripper stuck a Portal LP up his ass! Dayum!

  7. something tells me some of these trolls come from underground labels. joke of a scene. kids these days.

  8. Asking for orIginAlity is like asking for an omelette with no eggs.

  9. I wish there was more aboriginality and less originality

  10. I happened to see that this made it on r/BlackMetal, fairly certain the uptick in trolls is directly correlated

  11. * Insert Colored Sands meme*

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