May 142017


It looks like that building went volcanic, doesn’t it? It’s actually just an interesting effect of the setting sun on a strange cloud formation, viewed from a sidewalk in Santa Fe, New Mexico, last night, which is where I’ve been since Friday.

Like last weekend, I’ve set blogging aside for this weekend because of another mini-vacation with my spouse. Today we’re driving to Roswell to visit a relative. I don’t expect to see UFOs or experience probing of orifices by alien visitors, but it is Roswell, so who knows?

I have a few posts written by other people that I’ll be putting up on the site on Monday, and I’ll be back in Seattle by Monday night, so by Tuesday we should be back in normal NCS mode.

I should probably go ahead and say that next weekend will be like the last two. My wife and I will be making yet another trip for family reasons, and I doubt I’ll get any posts written for NCS next weekend either.


Here’s a video for the title track to Mutilated and Assimilated, the new album by Chicago’s Broken Hope that will be released by Century Media on June 23. The song and video pay tribute to John Carpenter’s The Thing.


  3 Responses to “BLOG BREAK (AGAIN)”

  1. ..and then you have Deathfest over Memorial Day weekend.

    So basically you’ve completely ruined the month of May because you chose to have a private life…What the hell Islander, where are your priorities?

    • Damn, I forgot that MDF was right around the corner. So yes, I’ll basically be fucking off every weekend in May. And I’m about 90% sure I’m just going to try to enjoy MDF and not take photos or write anything. I’m also thinking about changing our musical focus to indie/singer-songwriter releases.

      • Your group needs to come tailgate with my group in the parking garage. With that many people sharing beer and having a good time, you won’t even remember the sets, let alone be able to write about them 🙂

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