Jun 142017


Happy Wednesday. As I have mentioned before, No Clean Singing is one of the co-presenters and organizers of the first Northwest Terror Fest, which begins tomorrow and runs for three days in Seattle. As a result of my responsibilities in putting on the fest, I will have little time to devote to NCS until Monday.

I’m not sure whether our other writers will be contributing anything during my absence, but I still plan to post at least one new thing (and probably only one) both tomorrow and Friday. Not sure about the weekend. But before running off to take care of today’s festival-related tasks, I wanted to recommend some really good new metal I heard last night or this morning.


Not long ago at the 2017 edition of Maryland Deathfest I had the pleasure of seeing Akercocke perform, and was especially taken by a new song they played. I didn’t know its name, but now I do — because it debuted today.



The song is “Disappear” and it comes from this distinctive UK band’s new album Renaissance in Extremis. It will be released by Peaceville Records on August 25th. I’m going to quote from Peaceville’s web page for the new release:

“A comprehensive reinvention and expansion of the band’s multifarious sound, Renaissance In Extremis delivers euphoric force and mind-boggling weirdness. There are scything thrash and death metal riffs in abundance, plus warped but elegant melodies and clouds of ugly dissonance; moments of unsettling calm and quiet. Renaissance In Extremis is a bold, bullish and belligerent statement of creative intent: metal’s dark spirit reborn in an explosion of bright ideas and inspirational fury.”

I think when you listen to “Disappear”, you’ll agree that’s a fair statement.












Sweden’s Skineater features some very talented artists, led by guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Håkan Stuvemark (Wombbath, Just Before Dawn) and now including vocalist Jeramie Kling (Infernaeon, The Absence), along with an array of other accomplished musicians who have contributed to the band’s new EP, Cerebral Relics, which follows Skineater’s first release from 2013, Dermal Harvest.


Two tracks from the album can be heard on Bandcamp — “A Woman Will Die In The North” (which was just released today) and “Compost Planet” (which was first released in February). Both are well worth your time if you’re a fan of top-shelf death metal.

The EP is targeted for a July or August release via Slaughterhouse Records.











Kadaverin is the name of the third album by the Norwegian black metal band Gravdal, and it’s set for release on August 11 by the band’s new label Soulseller Records. It features guest appearances from members of Satyricon, Taake, SAHG, The Ruins Of Beverast, Seven Impale, and Orkan, with lyrics written by V’gandr (Helheim, Taake).


The song below is the title track, and it’s a fascinating piece of music — which includes a saxophone solo recorded by Benjamin Mekki Widerøe.




  1. I hope the Northwest Terror Fest is a huge success. Best of luck to you all. If you don’t post some new tunes over the next few days, I’m just going to presume you’re having an amazing time, which you guys all deserve.

    • Thank you! And I hope you’re recovering quickly from your recent mishap. I discovered this evening that I will in fact have some new music to post tomorrow (prepared by my friend DGR) and the premiere of a new video (which I’ll spew some words about before making my way to the venue for pre-fest labors). After that, I don’t know, the crystal ball is dark.

      • I’ll compile some shit if I get the time. Life is always heavily unpredictable.
        Nevertheless, enjoy the terror and, unless you find the time for checking mail and preparing stuff, don’t keep NCS buzzing in the back of your mind.

  2. Yay more Akercocke,good to see at least Scalan didn’t cut his hair lol.

  3. Akercocke is a blind buy

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