Jul 272017


Not long ago I happened upon a song named “The Boats” that hooked me right in the gills, and I included it in a round-up here at our site. It’s the opening track on Blackness From the Stars, the debut album by Planet Eater from Regina in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, who based their name on that destroyer of worlds out of the Marvel universe, Galactus. And now we get to bring you the premiere of another track from the album in advance of its August 4 release. This one is “Cold Confines“.

There is a bit of a chill in the song, thanks to the spooky, cosmic ambient sounds that accompany a syncopated percussive beat at the outset and reappear again near the end, as the song ascends into darkness before a final bout of brute-force hammering. But there’s a lot more heat in this track than sensations of cold, the heat thrown off by a big turbocharged engine with the throttle wide open.


Photo Credit: Cierra Ubell


The style of the music is a bit hard to pin down, with elements of death metal, thrash, groove, and hardcore harnessed together to fuel this ride. Regardless of labeling, it’s a first-class ticket to headbang city, propelled by a thundering bass and drum section. While there’s plenty of jolting groove in the song, the rapidly swirling and adrenaline-fueled swarming of the riffs and leads provide different textures — but they also get their hooks in you — while the high, raw, flesh-eating vocals amplify the music’s rushing, rabid intensity.

Planet Eater also gave us their own thoughts about the song: “‘Cold Confines’ speaks to the imperfection of the human machine and the self destructive nature of one’s self. There is a separation of the body and mind and a simple beauty in decay. Musically, ‘Cold Confines’ exemplifies Planet Eater’s evolution, melding melody with a percussive mayhem casting the song itself into a dark and menacing tone.”


Blackness From the Stars is available for pre-order on Bandcamp, where you can also listen to that opening track, “The Boats”.

Troy Bleich – Bass/Backing Vocals,
Luc Hart – Guitar
Devin Ubell – Guitar
Nick Eichhorst – Drums
Donovan Turner – Lead Vocals





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