Aug 082017


Edmonton’s Protosequence perform an agile balancing act on the new song we’re bringing you from their forthcoming EP, Biophagus, a high-wire performance that deftly straddles a stylistic divide without ever losing their path forward.

Biophagus is the band’s second release, following their 2016 debut Schizophrene, and it’s set for release on August 18. The song you’re about to hear is “Shepherd“.



The song embodies a juxtaposition of contrasting music elements that include both dreamlike instrumental passages that sometimes have a jazz-fusion flavor, and heavy, jolting assaults, fueled by abrasive, near-atonal riffs, demented arpeggios, and wild, raw, beast-like howls. The music ebbs and flows through these contrasting textures, with guitar work that ranges from fret-bounding acrobatics to silky smooth melodies, all linked by syncopated rhythms.

You might think of the sound as tech/prog/death metal, but however you might choose to label the sound, it proves to be an engrossing trip.

The band’s vocalist Joseph McKee gave us this comment about the track:

“‘Shepherd‘ holds closer to my heart than any other song I have written. The story is molded from a young man to present day. I’ve taken advice too literal as a young man, missing out on a lot of important, meaningful experiences with family and friends. It wasn’t until I was older; I realized my Shepherd was only keeping me safe from destructive feedback. I wrote this song angry, but forgiving in the end, for I was ignorant. Hopefully others can see light through these words just as much as I do.”

To pre-order, visit the Bandcamp page linked below.

Protosequence: Biophagus EP Line Up:
Ryan Schaffler (Bass)
Kyle Hunter (Guitar)
Joseph McKee (Vocals)
Logan Vars (Drums)


Protosequence on Facebook:


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