Sep 292017


(Our ally Gorger from Norway, who usually brings us reviews of albums and EPs that have traveled beneath our radar, today brings us music from an album that hasn’t yet appeared. To find more of his discoveries, type “Gorger” in our search bar or visit Gorger’s Metal.)

The more shit you have to do, the more life will find its way of putting a spoke in your eye. Thus, I’m keeping this short. But enough about me.

When I was asked to cover a self-titled single from Colorado based Sar Isatum, I realized it was outside my self-limiting borders of only covering what I deem as actual releases. I see this as more of a preview of something that looms on the horizon, but such a great one that I decided to share it on a more fitting platform. Namely No Clean Singing.



Sar Isatum is Sumerian, meaning “King of Fire”, and they even incorporate lyrical themes therefrom. Combined with their own majestic vistas of the Rocky Mountains, the combination makes for mighty sweepingly soaring black metal.

What you can hear below is the eponymous 8.5 minutes long track taken of their forthcoming debut album, Shurpu, which seems scheduled for November 20. And you better batten down the hatches, for a blood-red firestorm is surely brewing. Unlike friendly Mr. Islander, I’m not gonna hold your hand and lead you through this song. It is a turbulent hurricane in which my words would drown out and we would get separated nonetheless. Thus, I’m afraid you’re on your fucking own. (Best excuse for avoiding a proper description ever.)






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