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One of the daily risks of running a blog like this one, which is a part-time yet obsessive hobby rather than a full-time business, is that almost all plans are subject to derailment. The old fucking day job and other personal obligations spring surprises, and they usually take precedence. And so, although I had planned a much bigger round-up than this one, I’ve been diverted, and am now impulsively picking just these three new songs from that much bigger group.

I’m not even going to call this “Part 1”, which would imply I might have a Part 2 tomorrow. But who knows? We’ll just see how tonight and tomorrow go…


I hope you already recognize the name Henry Kane, but in case you don’t, it’s the name that the veteran Swedish vocalist and musician Jonny Pettersson borrowed from a character in the Poltergeist film series for his solo metal project — a project that lengthens a resume which already includes participation in Wombbath, Ursinne, Just Before Dawn, Vholdghast, Syn:drom, Ashcloud, and Skineater.

Through Henry Kane, he has put a unique spin on his beloved Swedish death metal in a debut album entitled Den Förstörda Människans Rike that was released earlier this year by Transcending Obscurity Records. And now we have a new Henry Kane track to enjoy from a forthcoming split.

This new song is “Roten av all ångest“, and it’s included in a split LP with Prolefeed called The Mass Forfeiture of Collective Responsibility. It’s set for release on Friday the 13th of October, 2017.

This track is such a blast… a thoroughly mangling piece of horror-influenced death/punk/grind mayhem made of gut-churning riffs augmented by HM-2 distortion, utterly deranged vocal horrors, rhythms that veer in their style from grindcore to punk to methodical and merciless pile-driving head-crushers, and queasy paranormal lead-guitar emanations. It makes me all slobbery to hear it.

The Henry Kane / Prolefeed split is available in a variety of vinyl colors, which you can peruse here:












Apotelesma is a five-headed doom band from The Netherlands who were previously known as Monuments. Their first album under the new name is Timewrought Kings, which will be released by the esteemed Solitude Productions on October 27, and I’ve chosen the first advance track from that album as the next item in this small collection.

The song is streaming both on Bandcamp and YouTube, and in the latter place it’s accompanied by a music video, whose imagery is a great match for the music.

The slow, forlorn, soulful instrumental that begins “The Weakest of Men” is really beautiful… and although the song becomes increasingly dismal and devastating (and much heavier, with vocals of the craggy and cavernous variety greatly aiding in the song’s emotionally dismantling impact), that soulful beauty persists. And if you hang in until the final third of the song’s significant run-time, it accelerates, becoming fiery in its anguish.

There’s a digital pre-order up at Bandcamp, and if you’re interested in ordering a CD, check the posts on teh band’s Facebook page.













The last song here is one recommended by my NCS compatriot TheMadIsraeli. Its name is “Lucid“, and it’s the title track to an album just released by Passages.

Passages is the work of Josh Middleton from Sylosis (and also a new member of Archtects). It consists of songs he recorded with Craig Reynolds that didn’t really fit within the musical framework of Sylosis. In his words, the music is “big, epic, doomy, slow, dark, uplifting, etc.”

All true, and I would add: there are riffs in the song that are bigger than redwood trunks; the harsh vocals boil with wrenching pain (or fury); and there are beautiful, ethereal melodies in here (as well as clean vocals) that alter the atmosphere of gloom that shrouds the song’s heaviest passages.





  1. All 3 of these songs are good but I really connected with the
    Passages song. Thanks for the introduction!

  2. I liked these a lot. Will watch for these releases.

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