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(Our friend Austin Lunn had a busy 2017, and one of the reasons is likely the recently revealed fact that Panopticon has a new double-album coming our way in March via Bindrune Recordings in the U.S. and Nordvis in Europe, the title of which is the scars of man on the once nameless wilderness. Nevertheless, Austin again graciously agreed to put together a year-end list of favorite records that we could share with you.)


I’m sorry I am a bit behind with this list as my life has been a bit chaotic as of late.

There was so much music to consume in 2017… Here is a list of some of the records I enjoyed in 2017…some are from 2016 and I was just a little late to discover them. I had quite a few more but I just felt as if my list was getting a bit excessive. This list spans a lot of genres and is in no particular order… But I will say that the first 5 on my list were my favorites this year.




Colter Wall – S/T LP


Falls of Rauros – “Vigilance Perennial”



Saiva – “Markerna Bortom”



Chaos Moon – “Eschaton Mémoire”



Richard Inman – S/T




When Bitter Spring Sleeps – “Star Thrown”


Forteresse – “Récits patriotiques”


Cnoc an Tursa – “The Forty Five”




Slowdive – S/T


Grift – “Arvet”


Woman Is The Earth – “Thaw”




Havukruunu – “Kelle Surut Soi”


Circadian Ritual – “Befallen”


IRONFLAME – “Lightning Strikes The Crown”




Odroerir – “Das Erbe Unserer Ahnen”


Dødsengel – “Interequinox”


EvilFeast – “Elegies Of The Stellar Wind”




Cormorant – “Diaspora”


Woe – “Hope Attrition”


Haive – “Iätön”




Fellwarden – “Oathbearer”


Loth – “Apocryphe”


Propagandhi – “Victory Lap”




Dawn Ray’d – “The Unlawful Assembly”


Entheogen – “Without Veil Nor Self”


Krallice – “Loüm” and “Go Be Forgotten”




Vacivus – “Temple Of The Abyss”


Extremity – “Extremely Fucking Dead”


Zachary Lucky – “The Ballad of Losing You” (2013) and “Everywhere a Man Can Be”




Real Ponchos – “Passing Through”(2016)


Guy Clark – “The Best of the Dualtone Years”


Western Skies Motel – “Settlers” (2016)




Steve Earle & The Dukes – “So You Wannabe An Outlaw”


Suffocation – “…Of the Dark Light”


Kalmankantaja – “Demonwoods” and “Demo IV”




Cloak – “To Venomous Depths”


Solbrud – “Vemod”


Úir – “Tein-Eigin” (2016)






Audn – “Farvegir Fyrndar”


Desultory – “Through Aching Aeons”




Barrowlands – “Tyndir”


Forêt Endormie – “Étire dans le ciel vide”


Ancst – “Furnace”




Townes Van Zandt / Guy Clark – “Live at the Great American Music Hall”


George Jones & The Smoky Mountain Boys




Plus I have an unholy list of vinyl reissues that I will spare you having to read. It was a good year for my record collection and a harsh year for my wallet.

2018 is shaping up to be pretty exciting as well with some demo material from some of my friends’ bands I have gotten to hear. I’m excited about Bhleg’s brilliant new album Sunnanljus and the final Panphage album Jord. Since Summoning’s new record came out this morning I have been listening to that all day, so I reckon it will be on next year’s list.

best wishes,


  1. What!? No Fen?

    You of all people.

    Great list though!

  2. Chaos Moon was fantastic, really liked that album.

    I keep forgetting that Cnoc an Tursa put out a new one, but I was a huge fan of “The Giants of Auld” and I’ve heard this one might be better.

    Bunch of stuff I’m interested in checking out on here

  3. I didn’t think we would get your year end list. I’m pleasantly surprised and happy you did. You usually hit all of the same favorite as mine. ( Must be a Kentucky thing lol) I’ll go on record that I can’t stand country music but that Colter Wall…Goddamn that guy is amazing! I recently discovered Richard Inman on youtube. I love his guitar playing , Reminds me of how my Father played. ( Side note , He wrote a song for Waylon Jennings ) Great list Austin! Please bring Panopticon to Kentucky soon!! Please , Please , Please!!! \m/\m/

  4. Good to see Colter Wall appearing here! Caught him live twice last year and going to another one in March. Lots of good finds here for me to explore.

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