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As was also the situation on Wednesday, when I posted the last round-up before this one, I’m feeling hurried. Too much stuff going on in the fragments of life that aren’t devoted to NCS. But even though I don’t have time to cogently explain just how much I like the music I’ve chosen for this collection, and why, I didn’t want the week to end without putting more new music before you. (And of course we will have more for you this weekend as well.) So, without further ado, and without many complete sentences, let’s begin…


…slow, titanic, teeth-loosening heaviness… a groaning melody that bespeaks utter soul-shattering misery… a monstrous voice that roars from an ice-cold void… and in the middle it becomes a rumbling, thundering, bone-snapping tank attack with a delicious solo (and there’s one more ravaging assault at the end)… This is “Punishment In Flesh“.



It’s the title track to the debut album of the Massachusetts-based death metal band Innumerable Forms, which was formed in 2007 by vocalist/guitarist Justin DeTore (Sumerlands, Magic Circle, Mind Eraser) and now includes his co-writing partner/guitarist Jensen Ward (Iron Lung), guitarist Chris Ulsh (Mammoth Grinder, Power Trip), bassist Doug Cho (The Rival Mob), and drummer Connor Donnegan (Genocide Pact).

The album will be released on August 17 by Profound Lore. Kudos to Ryan Abbott (Side Two Studios), who recorded the music, and to Dan Lowndes, who mastered it, for achieving such a stunningly powerful sound. The cover art is great too; it’s by Seth Goodkind.

Pre-order Info:













If you haven’t seen the name Rebel Wizard before, then you’re probably a newcomer to our putrid site, because it seems I’ve written about this Australian wizard once a month for the last three years. Well, maybe not quite that often, but a lot, and for a lot of good reasons, and now there’s another good reason.

On August 17, Prosthetic Records will release a new Rebel Wizard album named Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response. Earlier this week the first advance track premiered — “The Prophecy Came and It Was Soaked With the Common Fools Forboding“.

…highly infectious and highly explosive music… body-rocking riffs and skull-shaking rhythms… darting leads and scintillating / blistering solos… utterly unhinged, ear-lacerating vocal shrieks… as ever, a fascinating combination of sounds….














Loosen your neck muscles; this is the second song in today’s collection that triggered the phrase “tank attack” in my head, though the sound of a massive charging freight train comes to mind, too. But “Anthem for the Anthropocene” is also a vicious, neck-wrecking rocker too.

Big malignant riffs that groan and slither… soloing that’s ecstatic and twisted… raw, howling vocals… this is primitive and gruesome and the best kind of nourishment for your reptile brain, and it’s highly addictive, too.

Anthem for the Anthropocene” is the first track to be released by the Finnish death metal band Abhorrence since 1990, although in the meantime the band’s members have been involved in such other groups as Amorphis, Ajattara, Rytmihäiriö, and Paradise Lost. It will appear on an EP with the tongue-twister name of Megahyrdothalassophobic, coming in September via Svart Records.











Majestic Mass are from Copenhagen, Denmark, and beyond that I know nothing about them. I found the song below only because of a Facebook post yesterday by Caligari Records, which plans to release an EP or album entitled Savage Empire of Death by Majestic Mass at some unidentified later point this year. As you can see, even the artwork is a placeholder for whatever is coming.

But this one song that’s now available for streaming, and named for the band itself, is excellent, and reason enough to be on the look-out for this release.

…highly infectious… a mid-paced, hard-rocking cadence… booming drum rhythms… squalling leads and grand, fanfare-like melodies, albeit with the devilish aroma of sulphur wafting about them… nasty, goblin-like snarls… a song with sensations of lewdness and lust, fire and triumph….




  1. Absolutely pumped for Innumerable Forms full length. Been waiting forever for that album to finally happen.

  2. I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems the new Rebel Wizard is less fatiguing to listen to while sacrificing none of the rawness? I know, great choice of words.

    The previous stuff felt like rubbing my eardrums with steel wool (still ruled) but this new stuff doesn’t? Maybe I wasn’t playing it loud enough ;] I preordered the unicorn semen edition as soon as I got the e-mail from Prosthetic Records.

    I want to thank you guys for the introduction, I buy everything Nekrasov does under the RW banner and I would have never found them if not for you guys.

  3. Well, fuck me moshing. Innumerable Forms sounds fucking awesome; Punishment In Flesh is a must get for me. Abhorrence sounds worthwhile as well.

  4. The Abhorrence track is killer! Dare I say worth the wait? And that Innumerable Forms artwork is just so damn cool 🙂

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