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Outside the circles of metal, when someone exclaims, “That was brutal!“, they’ve usually just witnessed something ugly, humiliating, violent, uncomfortable, or unpleasant. Inside the circles of metal, it’s a high compliment. Infuriate are fucking brutal. And, as you can see, so is the stunning cover art by the famed Jon Zig for this Texas band’s self-titled debut album.

Infuriate will be released by the crushing Everlasting Spew Records on August 31st, but you’ll get a strong taste of it today because we’re bringing you a massive slab of slaughtering from the album named “Juggernaut of Pestilence“.



You’ll want to sink your teeth into the meat of this track really damned fast, but give us a minute or two for an introduction.

First, for those who haven’t previously encountered Infuriate on stage or through their 2016 demo (which is available here), the band was founded in Austin in late 2015 and now includes an experienced line-up drawn from such other bands as Sarcolytic, Sect Of Execration, Images of Violence, ID, and Whore Of Bethlehem. As Everlasting Spew notes, their music is highly influenced by late ’90s death metal with a modern speed, and should appeal to fans of Suffocation, Deeds Of Flesh, Severed Savior, Unmerciful, and Disavowed.

Second… this song… brutish it is, but not in the slow, caveman-clobbering style of brutishness. It delivers a merciless bludgeoning, thanks in part to the spine-rupturing drum attack and the murderous vehemence of the melodic currents in the music, but it flies like a bat out of hell, and proves to be as electrifying as it is mauling. The fleet-fingered fretwork, the slithering riffs, and the bursts of braying, high-flying sound, coupled with the voracious monstrosity of the vocals, capture the sensation of a disease vector burning out of control — a juggernaut of pestilence indeed.

The song is also short and sweet — it bursts into your head, does its dirty work in there, and gets out while you’re still breathing hard.



In addition to the attention-grabbing cover art, Jon Zig created images for each song, which will appear in the lyric booklet. And as you can see, his cover art has found its way onto one hell of a fine shirt, which will also be available for sale. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by A.R. Mendez.


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