Sep 182018


The night holds unmistakable allure for this Swedish band, whose name is Night Crowned and whose song “Nocturnal Pulse” we’re premiering today. But while feelings of isolation and gloom, and of the chilling presence of hungering shapes shifting in the darkness, come through in this intense new song, the music is also vibrantly and viciously explosive, like the incandescence of meteors (or wraiths) rushing through cold midnight skies.

Nocturnal Pulse” is one of three tracks on Night Crown‘s debut EP, Humanity Will Echo Out, which will be released on November 30 by Black Lion Records. But while Night Crowned may be a new formation, its line-up includes current and previous members of The Crown, Dark Funeral, Nightrage, and Cipher System, with a combined catalogue of more than 20 albums to their credit, and thus this new record is far from a fledgling flight — which will quickly become apparent as you listen.



Nocturnal Pulse” is a dynamic affair, in which elements of black metal and death metal play a role, in which raw, howling yells, cold roars, and skin-splitting shrieks share the vocals, and in which the changing patterns of the music conjure feelings of both grievous melancholy and blood-rushing glory. A lilting lead over monstrously heavy bass-and-drum detonations pave the way to blasting fusillades and waves of dazzling tremolo chords. Rumbling drums and darting notes are interwoven with head-long gallops and jolting bass rhythms, and with the pairing of sparkling, shimmering leads and bursts of assaulting percussion.

You’ll even find a moody piano melody accompanied by whispered words juxtaposed against a final eruption of manic drum-blasting, paint-pealing vocal intensity, and soaring melody, with a protracted shriek at the end that will stiffen hair on the back of your neck.


Below you’ll find links for pre-order and further info about the band, as well as a stream of a previously released track from the new EP (“No Room For Hope“), and of course our debut stream of “Nocturnal Pulse“.



01. No room for hope
02. Nocturnal Pulse
03. All life ends
Total running time: 15:42




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