Dec 082018


UPDATE:  The grinding gears of our horrible machine appear to be rotating again. Thank you for your patience.

For about the last 24 hours our site has been experiencing technical difficulties. For a while, NCS was completely inaccessible. Now, it seems that people are able to reach the main page, but can’t connect to individual articles — which is why there’s no “jump” in what you’re reading now to anything longer. Everything in this post should be view-able on the main page.

I (islander) have a rudimentary understanding of what the problem is (though I hasten to add that I still may not be grasping the issue correctly): It seems that URLs for individual articles at the site are pointing to IP addresses for remote servers that we used to use to help propagate our content around the world and speed up access, but which we’re no longer using (because we thought another service we were using rendered it redundant), rather than to the main dedicated server at our web-host that houses everything connected to the site. The same problem has disabled our access to e-mails sent to NCS (nothing sent to us over the last 24 hours has arrived at the e-mail server provided by our web host).

There is a way to fix these issues, but it’s beyond my own technical skill. We have an IT consultant who has been helping us, and I’m hoping he will figure out the solution soon, and by Monday at the latest.

As I write this, I’m on my way back to Seattle from a two-week vacation, and had plans for us to get back to normal beginning Monday, and to continue with our year-end LISTMANIA series with the continuation of Andy Synn‘s 6-part list that we began on Friday. I still hope that will happen. In the meantime, I’m trying not to let my frustration with our current fucked-up situation eat me up from the inside out, and I hope you’ll be more patient than I’m feeling at the moment.


  1. As of 6:00 eastern time. You’re live dude

  2. for what its worth, i check this blog at least 3x a day. i havent had any probs ever!

  3. never had a problem

  4. *peeks head out of bunker, surveys wasteland*

    is it… it over?

  5. Thanks for the update, doesn’t matter though, 1 day or 1 week, will still be back

  6. Welcome back! That shit had me all fucked up. NCS must survive!

  7. The site was down (all but the main page) for me for about a day and a half.

    I think the withdrawal led to some hallucinations. Did Surgicalbrute post a top 10 nu-metal albums list?

    • He did. It gave me nightmares. In my sleep I found a knife and cut myself in a sensitive place.

    • Never fear…I couldn’t possibly post a Nu-metal list. My pure, concentrated, metal awesomeness is actually incapable of writing about poseurdom in a positive light.

      It would break fundamental, universal laws for me to do so.

  8. From Europe, all other pages aside from the homepage were inaccessible also. Everything back to normal now, it seems.

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