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Here’s another entry in the part of our annual LISTMANIA orgy where we re-post lists of metal from “big platform” web sites and print zines — the kind of places that get a lot more eyeballs on them than festering little metal-only hovels like ours.

To justify our selection of Noisey for this part of the series, consider these statistics: Noisey is the on-line music channel of Vice Media, which began as a Montreal-based print magazine in 1994 and has expanded into a global media presence. Noisey was started in 2011 and now has 1,299,822 Facebook followers and (according to this site) receives about 899,500 unique visitors and 1,277,290 page-views — per day.

About one week ago Noisey published its staff’s list of “The Best 100 Albums of 2018“, but due to my vacation, I overlooked it until today. By my count, 11 of those 100 albums are metal (up from 8 last year), or close enough for me to justify including them in the count. Most of those appear to have made the list as a result of recommendations by Noisey editor Kim Kelly, whose by-line appears on the mini-reviews that accompany many of these picks.

For those of you who have the time and inclination to listen to genres of music other than metal, you might find some things worth exploring by reading the entire Noisey Best 100 list (here) What I’ve done is to extract the metal titles from the list, along with where they appear in the ranking. With maybe a couple or three notable exceptions, I don’t think these choices will surprise you if you’ve been following what other similar cross-genre web-sites have been anointing as the year’s best metal.

95. Necros Christos – Domedon Doxomedon
87. Racetraitor – 2042
74. Dödsrit – Spirit Crusher
70. Ilsa – Corpse Fortress
69. Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
55. Yovel “Hɪðəˈtu
49. YOB – Our Raw Heart
40. Svalbard – It’s Hard To Have Hope
35. Vile Creature – Cast of Static and Smoke
27. Mammoth Grinder – Cosmic Crypt
12. Thou – Magus


  1. Missed #55 – Yovel “Hɪðəˈtu”

  2. also 8. The Armed “Only Love”. xo

  3. Necros Christos did put out a good album. It does surprise me to see it here.

    • That’s one of the exceptions I had in mind, though of course they’re still a prominent name, at least for those with a taste for occult death metal.

      • True. I can’t decide if it’s good or bad that this is their last album and they’re finally a prominent name – good to go out with an unblemished record before all the fame goes to their heads, but bad that they’ll be no more from them.

        (unless they change their minds and continue)

    • I love Necros Christos. Yet, I think all of their albums rate between a 3 – 3.5.
      Somehow I still love them and am definitely sad to see them go. They fill a void that not many death metal bands seem to fit, even if there are more exciting bands out there.

      In fact, Necros Christos isn’t exciting. Its… calming.

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