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On February 8th Unspeakable Axe Records will release the debut album by the Chilean thrashers in Critical Defiance. Entitled Misconception, it’s an eight-track attack that follows the band’s two demos and a split with Parkcrest. NCS scribe TheMadIsraeli provided an early review of the album near the end of December — calling the record “essential top-tier thrash metal going into 2019” — and today we’re very happy to present a new song from the album named “Spiral of Hatred“.

Our reviewed commented: “These guys are very old-school minded, but they aren’t trying to imitate the sound — they embody it, seeking to break their way into the public consciousness by approaching from a different front of channeling the heights of thrash based on technical endurance. I’m talking bands like Dark Angel, Coroner, Watchtower, old Kreator, Forbidden.” He continued:



Misconception is a hellfire blaze being transported via missiles running at hyper speed. It’s full of cacophonous, agile, feral, flesh-ripping riffs with a passionate, powerful vocal delivery that channels the sincerity of an Apache warrior. Their music is fast as fuck, but they constantly change up the pace with obscene riff-writing talent. Songs like “Punished Existence”, opener “Desert Ways”, and “What About You” are explosions of pure, un-distilled, technically impressive anger, while tracks such as “Onset” (the best song on the record) and closer “Misconception” are exercises in technical progressivism that nevertheless carry every bit of high-impact force and feral yet instinctively hypnosis-inducing energy as the rest of the record”.

The song we’re premiering today, though not specifically called out in the quote above, is one that marries brain-spinning fretwork agility, head-moving (and skull-battering) rhythms, and scalding vocal fury.  The band switch gears just as quickly as their fingers fly inventively across the strings, jumping seamlessly from riff to riff and extravagantly varying the tempo. And both in the song’s introductory moments and again at the end, the band restrain their usual velocity to unfurl emotionally resonant, atmospheric melody (the concluding solo is especially a thing of beauty to behold).

The song proves to be a kaleidoscopic experience, revealing a high level of songwriting prowess that equals the band’s impressive technical chops — and that’s true of the album as a whole.


Enjoy our stream of “Spiral of Hatred“, and while you’re at it, check out the previously released single, “What About You”. The album is available for pre-order now. at .






  1. Had to interrupt Elton John – ‘I’ve seen that movie too’ for this, but glad I did. Thisssss! Hard core-y barking and razor sharp guitars! This ferociousness certainly does remind of Dark Angel. But then! Is that a Iron Maiden harmony in ‘Spiral of Hatred’?

    ALSO: why does no-one ever reference Devastation in these reviews? Both Signs of Life and Idolatry are albums that would very well fit among the bands mentioned above here! Although, admittedly, less so in relation to Critical Defiance. But still: Devastation!

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