Aug 192019


The long-time disciples of the Cleveland metal and hardcore scene who formed Atomic Witch picked a good band name for their new musical endeavors. Their debut EP Void Curse couples the wild radioactive energy of a runaway nuclear meltdown with the weird and witchy feeling of a supernatural orgy. Together, the EP’s four tracks are supercharged with furious, pulse-pounding energy, head-spinning instrumental changes, and unhinged vocal intensity. The genre-bending EP creates a maniacal atmosphere, whole-heartedly indulging in a musical blood-spraying riot from beginning to end.

You’ll get an electrifying example of Atomic Witch‘s crazed and caustic indulgences in the title track from the EP, which we’re premiering today in advance of its August 30 release by Seeing Red Records.



The band presage the devilish lunacy of the track right away, through an insectile guitar lead backed by a syncopated cymbal rhythm, soon joined by ominous droning tones and methodically clobbering drum battery. When the song really takes off, the riffing still has a frantic and febrile quality, now propelled by a hammering percussive drive and the unchained ferocity of scorching screams and yells.

The song is pure blood-rushing mayhem. The band inject bouts of jolting, pulsating chords, blaring discordance, and interesting rhythmic interplay. The riffing morphs into different boiling shapes, and that insectile lead re-surfaces and mutates into other shrill and squirming permutations. While the drummer elevates the riotousness of the music through brief blasting eruptions, the song’s jolting, hammering drive continues to connect to the listener’s reptile brain.

Void Curse” is the second track to be revealed from the EP so far, and in case you missed it, we’re including a YouTube clip for the previous one along with our own premiere. Definitely check out “Funeral Lust“, too. Bursts of thrash riffing introduce that track, which also includes rapid-fire instrumental changes. It becomes an extravaganza of acrobatic drum and bass tumult and freakish fretwork, combining instrumental frenzies and galloping, head-hooking propulsion, with yet another display of eye-popping vocal delirium.


Seeing Red Records recommends Void Curse for fans of Extol, Tourniquet, Repulsion, and Sepultura. The eye-catching cover art was created by Greg Martinis. You can pre-order the EP now (digital and cassette tape) through the link below.






  1. Alright.. this rips.. nothing more to add really.

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