Nov 142019


My own exposure to the Italian pagan-inspired black metal band Nova came through their second album, 2017’s Soli Contro il Mondo (“alone standing against the world”), which we reviewed and premiered here, and which I proclaimed one of that year’s best and most exciting black metal albums.

It’s thus thrilling to know that these Venetians are returning with another album this year. Its title is Veniamo Dal Cielo (“we come from the sky”), and the same label (ATMF) that released the first two albums will be releasing this third one, too — on Friday the 13th of December. The title track from the album is already out in the world, and today we present a second one — “Noi mai Vinti” (“We, never defeated”).



The multi-faceted power and distinctive flourishes of NOVA are very much in evidence on this new track. The band deliver jarring, bone-breaking intensity but also send the music hurtling forward in a racing and ravaging course, with grim, heavy riffing, vibrant bass-guitar growling, and riveting drum work driving the song in a savage torrent (the vocalist’s deep, cold-blooded growls further amplify the music’s most vicious qualities).

The band also again display their penchant for switching up the rhythms, kicking into contagious rock cadences, with pulsing, slashing, compulsively head-hooking riffs. And as they have done so well in the past, they send the music soaring in epic fashion, while never losing the overarching mood of grim defiance and disheartening melancholy.


Pre-orders are being accepted now. We hope you enjoy both today’s premiere of “Noi mai Venti” as well as the album’s explosive, full-throttle title track, which we’re also streaming in case you missed it.



1. Durezza e Ascetismo
2. Veniamo dal Cielo
3. In Lotta Elevata
4. Fregata Covadonga
5. Noi mai Vinti
6. La Guerra delle Ombre
7. Crudele Alba
8. Dio Del Ghiaccio e Del Lampo
9. Trovare Chiuso



  7 Responses to “AN NCS PREMIERE: NOVA — “NOI MAI VINTI””

  1. Since when does No Clean Singing feature a band that openly shows their support and tribute to known NSBM Bands on their facebook page?

    • I just looked at their page and saw their posting about a cover of a song by Absurd, which I wasn’t aware of. Not sure if there is something else you have in mind. I also read the interview linked below (through Google translate), and they seem to dismiss any political opinions or philosophies as detracting from and degrading the transcendent metaphysical states they seek to express in the music. I haven’t come across anything which indicates they have any political agendas they seek to promote through their music, whether NSBM or otherwise.

      • Well, I see 2 nazi symbols in the clothes of the girl who is going to play bass live for them…nothing political or related to the band, of course.

        • Wasn’t aware of that either. Now I am.

          • I can’t find either thing you guys are talking about (the Absurd cover or the bassist thing). If you can direct me to them, that’d be great but otherwise I will take your word for it. Too bad, this band sounded pretty cool.

            • Wisely those have been taken away. I recommend not doing much research about any of your favourite “pagan-nationalistic-proud of my roots” black metal bands in general if you don´t want to be sadly unsurprised. Listen if you want but don´t look too much. Shit, even Ace of Base had nazi members in it!!!

      • (for those that care)

        Yeah, on FB they also tout being recommended by a “wotanjugend” site… which from a couple of glances seems to be some sort of NS group (?)

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