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Sixteen years is  long time between albums. Over the course of that extravagant span of time, which marks the distance between Goratory’s third record and the fourth one that’s going to be evacuated upon the world by Everlasting Spew Records in October, the members of Goratory went on to perform with such bands as Arsis, Deeds of Flesh, Job for A Cowboy, The Black Dahlia Murder, Despised Icon, Sexcrement, and Abnormality. Surely, they still have other things to do with their wicked time. So why now have Adam Mason (Vocals), Al Glassman (Guitars), Zach Pappas (Bass) and Darren Cesca (Drums) decided to resurrect Goratory’s brand of degenerating, grinding and schizoid technical Brutal Death?

Well, take a look around you. What better time than in the midst of the humongous shitshow that is 2020 for these deviants to bare their giant balls again?



One might think the name of their new album, Sour Grapes, is a play on words, eh?

There might also be a play on words happening in the name of the track we’re presenting today: “Evolutionary Wart“. Especially now, it wouldn’t take much imagination to view humankind as a painful genital wart on the scrotum of the Earth. But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, word-play aside, the song itself is a head-spinning experience. Like a high-caliber armor-piercing bullet shot from a gun, it’s fast and explosive — but it follows no straight path that any bullet has ever taken. The fretwork is a non-stop freakout of scissoring, darting, squirming, screaming mayhem, more like the movement of an insane hummingbird than a destructive projectile.

But make no mistake, the song is also destructive — packed to the brim with jackhammering grooves, machine-gun blasts, mortar eruptions, and other manifestations of war-zone mayhem. But all of those varying forms of rhythmic mutilation are discharged (and change form) at the same high rate of speed as everything else. And the combined impact of all this utterly wild yet machine-precise savagery is exhilarating in the extreme.

Speaking of lunatic savagery, Adam Mason sounds like a rabid bear on speed. The sounds of his guttural gagging, enraged growling, and hair-on-fire shrieking are just that scary. How he got the words out as fast as he does without rupturing his jugular is a mystery for the ages. Really, it’s kind of astonishing — but no more astonishing than the mind-mauling speed-demon mania and relentless brutality of his bandmates.

If you can hold your breath for three minutes twenty seconds that might be the best way to go, because otherwise you might hyperventilate and run out of oxygen before you make it to the end of this track. It’s that thrilling, that unbridled, that vicious, that mind-boggling.



Sour Grapes will be released by Everlasting Spew Records on October 16th in CD, vinyl, and digital formats. The label recommends it for fans of Malignancy, Cryptopsy, Mucopus and Pillory. Credit for the artwork and layout goes to Tony Koehl.

And just in case “Evolutionary Wart” didn’t cause you to shit your pants, Goratory will do that for you with the previous single released from the album, “I Shit Your Pants“. You’ll find a stream of that track down below, along with today’s premiere.






  1. Wow. Sixteen years later and I still don’t know what a ‘Kiz Nizel Mi Dills Nufus’ is. I DEFINITELY didn’t expect another album from these guys. What happened to their Primus-y bass player who wore the funny hats?

  2. omg I have seen the people in Texas he puts nut sack on vehicle hitch
    and calls them truck nuts
    what is up with that and this music ! ?

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