Nov 132020


Based on this band’s name (Speedkiller) and their nation (Brazil), you might be expecting raw and ripping black thrash, or perhaps balls-to-the-wall speed metal, and Speedkiller do indeed give you high-voltage doses of thrash and speed, but their debut EP Midnight Vampire turns out to be a much more multi-faceted experience, in which the band also draw on elements of death metal and classic heavy metal — and a genuine talent for cooking up addictive melodies and hook-heavy riffs, and delivering the experience within a supernatural atmosphere.

Speedkiller leaped into this new EP after releasing only a couple of singles via YouTube, and when you hear it you’ll understand why both Helldprod Records and Edged Circle Records leaped at the chance to release it. Sadly, covid-related delays at manufacturing facilities have recently caused a postponement in the EP’s release date from December 11th to January 29, 2021, but to tide you over until then we’re presenting a track from the album today named “Circles of Blood“.



Today’s premiere follows the release of the EP’s advance track, which provides a hell of an introduction to what Speedkiller do. “Midnight Vampire” strikes with riveting sonic power. There’s thunderous, gut-punching force to the bass drive, and the skipping, punk-like drum beat chops at the neck like a spring-loaded ax. The riffing is undeniably sinister, and the vocals are those of an enraged roaring lion, but there’s equally a display of rapturous grandeur in the song.

The feeling of infernal euphoria intensifies, thanks to the spectral, reverberating tones of a shrieking and wailing solo. But with a dramatic, pounding fanfare that’s both blaring and bleak, the song also morphs into a manifestation of thrillingly seductive black magic, with the supernatural incantation cast by yet another wonderful ringing solo whose fluid tones are seductive and arcane.

Today’s song, “Circles of Blood“, makes for an excellent companion to the title track. The booming drum detonations at the outset provide the backdrop for a slow, dismal guitar melody, but then Speedkiller break out an electrifying thrash riff and the rhythm section begin hammering like pistons. It takes little imagination to envision the kind of romping and bruising mosh-pit that outburst would trigger (circles of blood indeed). Yet the band continue to alternate those episodes of morbid anguish and riotous exuberance until reaching a point when the guitar soloist sets the song on fire in a way that would cause invisible oranges to be hoisted aloft in glorious heavy-metal rapture (followed by one final reprise of melodic heart-break and skull-crushing rhythm, shrouded in an atmosphere of the arcane).

Evil and exhilarating music for sure, and well worth the wait until January.


Credit for the music goes to Spellcaster (vocals and guitar), Summoned (guitar), and Evilspirit (bass), along with drummer Hellkrätus from the Portuguese thrashers Vectis. The EP also tremendously benefits from the sound production and cover art, both professionally handled by the well-regarded musicians Remi Nygård from Inculter and Jean Nightbreäker from Murdeath.

Midnight Vampire will be available on Cassette and CD through Helldprod Records and on Vinyl/Digital through Edged Circle Productions.






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