Dec 152021


(Todd Manning provides the following introduction to our premiere of the new album by Myrdød, whose release is imminent.)

Emerging from the rural nether-swamps of Pennsylvania, the duo known as Myrdød are set to release their full-length The Mourning Hollow on December 17th courtesy of Wise Blood Records. Originally formed by the mysterious Søppelskaler, the project released several singles before enlisting collaborator Fractal Creature.

While many bands claim both death and black metal influences, Myrdød truly blend the two genres and not in a fanboy sense. The Mourning Hollow reeks of pure death mysticism.  Søppelskaler states the following:

“This album revisits earlier material. Death metal based, low tunings, thick spacey atmosphere.  Myrdød explored pure raw black metal stylings in recent releases, so the relative clarity and pure heaviness of this album will really set it apart. We emphasize catchy death metal bass and drums contrasted with drone, screeching vocals, and a thick atmospheric guitar tone.”

The Mourning Hollow provides a harrowing listening experience to end this year. The album simultaneously transports the listener to surreal nightmares never before dreamed and puts us in touch with our darkest musings about our current times. Stream the album below and surrender to the hell that awaits.




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