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The Brazilian extreme metal scene has spawned a seemingly endless stream of savage musical thrills for decades. Many metalheads may have discovered some of South America’s deadliest exports through the early works of the now-legendary Sepultura, but if you dig deeper you’ll discover (if you don’t already know) the band that might have been ground-zero of the Brazilian death metal movement. The name of that band, which has influenced generations of extreme metal artists not only in South America but in Europe, is Vulcano.

Those pioneering barbarians, whose influence extends to black and speed metal as well as death metal, can trace their origins back to the early ’80s. Since then, albeit with a significant recording hiatus that began in roughly 1990 and inevitable line-up changes, they’ve released a dozen studio albums, along with live albums and shorter releases. And now they’re rapidly approaching the release of their newest studio full-length (their 19th release overall), Stone Orange, which will be forthcoming on February 4th via Emanzipation Productions.

Today we have the privilege of presenting the premiere of a lyric video for the new album’s closing track, “Vulcano Will Live Forever” — and when you hear it, you can truly believe the song’s title. Vulcano‘s career spans 40 years now (with no sign of stopping), and there’s clearly still fire in the belly, napalm in the veins, and blood on the teeth.


Photo by Pedro Klincevicius

This new blast of devil thrash is a version of music originally recorded by the Brazilian band Cadaverise. It has an ominous and imperious sound at first, though the skittering riffage causes it to crackle with the electricity of impending mayhem. A vicious goblin voice shrieks the hellish lyrics, and the guitars begin to slash and slither as the drums hammer your neck.

The bass murmurs deeply when the pace slows, and although the drum fills are acrobatic, the mood of the music descends into something grim and oppressive. But the devilish power of the music takes rein once again, just in time for an extravagant burst of diabolically ecstatic guitar soloing.

In addition to today’s premiere and a group of relevant links, we’re also including streams of two previously released album tracks, “Ship of Dead” and “Trigger of Violence“.





  1. S. America is the future of extreme metal for many reasons, one being the long lasting influence it’s had for decades now, as mentioned here. Others being that they simply don’t have the baggage European bands have and are fairly apathetic about all that stuff in the first place. Go to LA you’ll see a ton of Hispanic dudes wearing Nokturnal Mortum shirts. Bands also get way better reception in South and Central America.

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