Feb 282022

At one time or another every human being will become personally acquainted with horror. The horror of disease (mental and physical), the horror of violence, the horror of dying and death, the horror spawned by our own imaginations — one or more or all, they wait for us, as unavoidable as the sunset.

Tremendous amounts of human energy are devoted to keeping them at bay (fruitlessly), but once encountered they’re not easily forgotten. People try to whitewash them away with philosophies and prayer, but those are like thin coats of paint on a picket fence long gone to rot. Other people stare at them with clear eyes, refuse to look away, and even embrace them.

Which brings us to the unholy Georgia-based death metal band Father Befouled and the song we’re premiering from their new album Crowned in Veneficum.

This new song, “Katabatic Deliverance“, heaves and harrows, roils and races, maniacally squeals and boils like a nest of maddened vipers, and sometimes seems like a sonic manifestation of viral disease racing through a broken body. The drums slug and hammer, the bass rumbles like an earthquake. Hideous roars well up from abyssal depths, and the lead guitar wails and flickers in madness and despair.

Make no mistake, the song will get you moving, and somehow manages at times to become frighteningly entrancing, but gruesome terrors lurk within it and are thrillingly set free.

Crowned in Veneficum is the band’s fifth album, and it features cover art by Kevin Rita. It will be released through Everlasting Spew Records on March 25th in CD, tape, and digital formats, with a vinyl edition expected in late 2022. It comes recommended for fans of Incantation, Dead Congregation, Cruciamentum, and Immolation.

In addition to relevant links, we’ve also included a stream of the album’s first single, “Unheavenly Catechesis“.

Justin Stubbs – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Rhys Spencer – Bass
Amos Rifkin – Drums
Derrik Goulding – Lead & Rhythm Guitars

PHYSICAL: https://bit.ly/3LdleGG
DIGITAL: https://bit.ly/3g0DODq


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