Mar 302022

We’ve already been loudly banging the drum for Suppression‘s debut album The Sorrow of Soul Through Flesh. In a recent review for our site, Todd Manning dropped references to the likes of Monstrosity, Resurrection, Gorguts, Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, and most especially the legendary Death. summing up the album as “brutal yet technical, ripping yet atmospheric”. He further wrote:

They are students of their genre but easily stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best. The most complex moments never sound forced but serve the songs. It’s just a killer death metal album from start to finish.

I added my own two cents here about the first single from the album, “Monochromatic Chambers”: “Prepare for a full-throttle rampage, a turbocharged attack of maniacal drumwork, jittery, jagged, and jolting riffage, mercurial guitar leads, and utterly rabid vocals. When the band temper the onslaught, they deliver a fascinating prog-influenced instrumental jam.” From that track I got flashes of old Atheist and Gorguts as well as Dysrhythmia.

And so it’s a thrill for us to give one more push for a fantastic debut full-length by these Chileans, as we premiere the second single “Lifelessness” (a song with an incredibly deceptive name).

Suppression punch the gas on this sonic slaughtering machine right from the start, percussive pistons pumping in the red zone and scathing guitars swarming and darting in a frenzy, creating a mix of high-toned madness and low-end thuggery. It will get your heart racing and your sinews twitching damned fast, and the band only turn up the heat when the vocals come in, snarling and howling in expulsions of equally livid ferocity.

The band segment the scissoring and slashing riffs and pummeling grooves with a weird and wild guitar solo, and then the music slithers like a crazed reptile with jet fuel for blood and buzzes like someone kicked a big hornet nest as the howling vocals bounce between channels and the fretless bass burbles and bubbles. It’s all electrifying (and highly contagious).



Suppression includes two former members of the excellent thrash band Ripper. The Sorrow of Soul Through Flesh will be released through Unspeakable Axe Records on CD and digital formats on April 25th. Vinyl treatment will come later this year via Dark Descent Records.

The album was mixed and mastered by the masterful Colin Marston, and the great Paolo Girardi gets credit for the cover art. Useful links are below, along with a stream of that first single mentioned above.



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