Feb 132023


The Danish duo Kold made an auspicious start in the summer of 2021 with their self-titled debut EP released by the respected German label Vendetta Records. Over the course of four substantial tracks totaling nearly 40 minutes, they earned their name, winding through ice-bound realms of black metal, both bleak and brittle, desolate and haunting, but also thrusting listeners into blizzard-storms of harrowing intensity and elevating them into daunting vistas of panoramic scale.

The EP’s songs were long excursions but never monotonous, thanks to the band’s already well-formed talent for moving the songs through striking contrasts of momentum and mood, and an aptitude for crafting moving melodies of dark and formidable power. Depressive gloom might shroud the music with a heavy mantle in one phase, and in another it might ring like ethereal chimes, beautiful as well as chilling, or race like a dangerous mountain avalanche.

That EP made such a great first impression that we’re happy to report that Kold now have a debut album named Intet Mere Er set for a March 3rd release by the same Vendetta Records. To help spread the word we’re now premiering a captivating album track named “Vinden, Den Kalder Dit Navn”.

Photo by Jeppe Samsø Termansen

The themes of the new album touch upon “the contrastive elements of life and depicts picturesque and abstract stories of the destructive nature of isolation, the gloomy backside of escapism, as well as the fruits of life and the bliss of creation”.

In the song we’re bringing you today Kold again prove a prodigious talent for creating contrast and catharsis. It begins with hurtling blast-beats and a magnificent blaze of sweeping sound, pierced by feverishly swirling guitars and scalding razor-wire screams. From there, the pace becomes more steady and the chords reverberate in slashes of desperate and desolate melody, again raked by vocals of spine-tingling torment, before soaring and blazing again.

That contrast between vast but unsettling grandeur and moods of grim isolation and loneliness marks the song in striking fashion, each phase gripping in its own distinctive way. The episodes of tragic grandeur reach stratospheric elevations, even when the drums and the bass portray a solemn march in the final flight, which begins to sound hopeful, even if still uncertain about what the future holds.



Intet Mere Er was recorded by Nicklas Johansen (bass and guitar) and Mathias Skov Samsø Jepsen (drums and vocals). It was mixed by Jeppe Samsø Termansen and mastered by Nicklas Johansen.

Vendetta will release Intet Mere Er on CD, vinyl, cassette tape, and digital formats. For more info about the release, follow the links below.




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