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Lux Nigrum‘s 2019 debut EP Burning the Eternal Return (which we reviewed and premiered here) made a striking impression. The music channeled chaos, but not in the sense of some flailing, disorganized cacophony. There was a palpable sense of fierce wildness and burning devotion in the music, but an equal devotion to the crafting of excellent riffs, which had both emotional power and magnetic musical appeal.

And so it was very welcome news to learn that this Chilean band would be returning in 2023 with a debut album named Omnia Ab Uno, Omnia Ad Unum, to be released by Australis Records on April 28th. It is described as “a conceptual album based on the Acausal Spirituality and the mysterious duality of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death, dealing with the unification of everything as One, and it’s own dissolution towards Ain.”

Once again we’re honored to host a premiere, and this time it’s a lyric video for the new album’s concluding song “Adamas Voluntatem“.

Lux Nigrum (“black light”) began as the work of a Chilean solo artist but has now expanded to a full four-piece band consisting of Frater Sine Cogitatio (Vocals and Lyrics), Frater Bodhisattva (Guitars), Frater Gothörath (Drums), and Frater Silentium (Bass).

What they’ve accomplished on “Adamas Voluntatem” is a ravishing work of esoteric spiritualism.

Through crashing chords and mystically glimmering reverberations, coupled with the musing warble of the bass, the song creates a sense of anticipation and wonder. But it doesn’t take long for what’s anticipated to become manifest — in a surge of full-throttle drums, gritty, ferocious snarls, and piercing, ecstatic fretwork.

Lux Nigrum clearly haven’t quenched their torches since their debut EP, and the pulse-pounding wildness of the music continues through flurries of manic, darting riffage, vividly hammering drums, fire-bright frenetic arpeggios, and gleeful bass pulsations.

There’s an infectious feeling of untamed freedom in the music, but its mystical inspirations come through in more ways than the words. Glorious celestial sounds rise up and glimmer in vast wondrous swaths above skipping beats and meandering bass lines, creating a fascinating diversion in advance of a final head-long dose of blasting drums, writhing and roiling guitars, nimble bass maneuvers, and fanatical snarls.

So many things happen in the song, both visceral and head-spinning, both feral and mystical, that it’s a good thing the mix is so even, and the sound so well-balanced between clarity and abrasion, enabling attentive listeners to follow all that’s going on.

Omnia Ab Uno, Omnia Ad Unum was recorded by Matias Beltramin, and it was mixed and mastered by Miguel Díaz. The artwork was created by Karla K., following some concepts by Frater Sine Cogitatio and Frater Bodhisattva.

We will have more to say about the album as a whole as we get closer to its release. For now, “Adamas Voluntatem” is available as a digital single, and can be streamed on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Itunes. The album will be available on CD via Australis Records, and on cassette tape from the band.


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