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Just two days from now, on March 10th, the Italian label Lethal Scissor Records will release a new EP named Metastasis by the German band Bloodjob. True to their name, Bloodjob give us a bloody piece of work, an explosive five-track onslaught that’s foul and ferocious, bringing to bear ingredients of both brutal death metal and technically electrifying death metal, as well as the kind of grindcore zealotry that spawns visions of mosh pits gone wild.

The EP features the talents of a new rhythm section that joined the fold after the band’s 2019 debut album Sick Concept Humanity. And so the new EP includes re-recordings by the new lineup of two cuts from the band’s 2012 demo Misogynic Obsessions, as well as three new songs inspired by the band’s “dystopian view on the degenerating civilization we live in” — and we’ve got all five of the songs for you to hear today.

Band photo by Rule Photography

The EP begins with the three new songs — “Cancerous Growth“, “Nano-based Inconsistency“, and “All for the Good“.

Cancerous Growth” sounds very much like what its title portends, as long as you understand that this cancer is metastasizing at the rate of a wildfire blaze. The wicked riffs maniacally writhe, blurting and blazing in a manifestation of vicious ecstasy, but also savagely grinding their way through concrete and bone, and giving way to imperious stomps. Meanwhile the drums race headlong, the bass thunders, and the vocalist roars and screams in an unhinged fury.

The band switch things up over and over as the song hurls itself at you, changing the riffs, the drum rhythms, and the vocals in ways that will keep listeners on the edge, but thoroughly exhilarated.

Nano-based Inconsistency” offers no relent in the band’s full-bore savagery. The mercurial fretwork and rapidly veering drum-work creates sensations that are macabre and monstrous, cold and cruel but also generating sensations of frenzied lunacy. It inflicts brutish thuggery but also bracing gallops where the guitars sound like swarming hornets gone mad.

All for the Good” is the EP’s shortest track (though none of them take very long to do their dirty work), and if anything it’s even more crazed than what’s come before, discharging bursts of fleet-fingered fretwork and hyper-speed drumming, along with a cornucopia of disgusting vocals that growl, gurgle, and screech. And as if that weren’t sufficiently deranged, the song includes a squirming solo that conjures visions of feasting maggots.

The first of the re-recorded songs, “Basement Breed“, might be the first time when the band give you a moment to suck some wind into your lungs as it brutishly lurches and pounds like some hulking reanimated horror. But of course Bloodjob also jam down the accelerator, giving way to electrifying snare-drum acrobatics and swarming riffage, and following that with a skull-hammering, headbang-triggering breakdown before ramping up into slaughtering mode again.

And finally, the EP closes with “Drowning In Defecation“, the EP’s longest track (but again, it’s not too long). It’s as nasty as the track name foretells, but once again Bloodjob switch up the tempos and all the rhythmic and riffing patterns, once more demonstrating their aptitude for both inflicting brute-force trauma and convulsing in high-speed seizures. There’s a guitar solo in this track, and it’s such a swirling spectacle that you’ll wish it had extended itself — and you’ll get your wish just a bit later.

Sascha Kaiser – Vocals
Oliver Mühlig – Guitars
Markus Seibert – Guitars
Karol Plata – Bass
Julian Dietrich – Drums

Metastasis was mixed by Johann Faustus at Zeitsparkasse Media Services, and it was mastered by Chris Erkens at (((Cyphx-Audio))). The nasty cover art is the work of Kumislizer Art.

Lethal Scissor will release the EP in CD and digital formats, along with apparel, and orders can be placed now:






  1. Man, i really love it. Great songs with very sick vocals.

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