Apr 012023

April Fool’s Day! Yes it is, and the joke’s on you!

Well, we’re not suggesting that we don’t really have a Crepitation premiere for you today, because we really really do. But look, the song was inspired by the kind of wet farts that provide a queasy recurring lift to your stride.

Hold that thought… along with whatever gaseous emissions may be trying to escape your bunghole at the moment … and let’s consider “Methanated Propulsion of Gaseous Levitation” (the nasty song from a new Crepitation album we’re premiering along with an insane “lyric video”), not the nasty bodily phenomenon for which it was named).

Crepitation bassist Joe Mortimer really has said that the track name came to him “from those annoying wet farts that squeeze out while walking and continue every step for awhile”. But he also told us this about the song:

“Musically we experimented a lot with rhythmic modulation and tapping to ensure the music was as jarring and nonsensical as possible to really mess with people. We even wrote some chords into this track instead of just single notes to really push the boat out. We wanted the first single and its accompanying video to basically lead people into thinking we can play our instruments and feel strongly we have accomplished that.”

It’s so damned tempting to delve into a detailed literary analysis of the lyrics in “Methanated Propulsion of Gaseous Levitation” and the inventive ways in which they are expressed, but you’ll get to see and hear them yourselves in the video, so we’ll skip over that. (Hint: the word “bestiary” comes to mind.)

As for what happens around all the erudite vocal disquisitions, it is indeed jarring and gleefully mind-mangling. It has its fair share of brutish concrete-fracturing pile-driver punishment, squealing string torture, and bursting snare-drum mania that sounds like a fusion-powered titanium sewing machine stitching sheet metal.

It also includes fret-leaping axe-spasms and shrill maniacally writhing guitar-swarms, as well as various phases of rhythmic percussive clattering. There are also disorienting start-stop whining sensations, vivid bass-bubbling, and hulking headbang grooves.

Overall, the song is berserk and bamboozling. And it does lead one to believe that Crepitation really can play their instruments. Despite how crazed the track is, all the rapidly moving parts are tightly interlocked, even if the effect is to rapidly unlock and disassemble your own mental parts.

So now maybe you get why Crepitation chose to premiere this song and video today?

Now let’s do some informational backing and filling while you’re trying to pick up your teeth from the floor and reassemble the constituent parts of your brain into something loosely resembling a mind:

That song is from an album named Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity (the band’s second full-length), which is set for release on June 23rd by the Australian extreme metal label Vicious Instinct Records. We’re informed that the record has been in progress for several years, but the writing process got challenged by the band’s pandemic-induced inability to rehearse together. They found workarounds.

They also let the wordplay run rampant (at least in the song titles). It’s not uncommon to find tons of letters and multi-syllabic words in the names of brutal death metal songs, many of which can’t be found in the dictionary. Lots of them are disgusting. Many are hideously offensive. There are bits of that in the track names on Monstrous Eruption of Impetuous Preposterosity (hell of an album title, no?), but hilarity marks this bamboozling wordplay more than anything else. See for yourselves:


1. Carcinogenital Space Hopper
2. Rancid Blubbery Encrustments
3. Methanated Propulsion of Gaseous Levitation
4. The Gyrospastic Photomancer (Purging of the Able-bodied)
5. Vicious Entwattering of Obstinant Nepotistic Shithouses
6. Priapismic Whisking of Mucilaginous Concrete Slurry
7. Custardized Urethral Vomit Cannon
8. Bloated Festering Mass of Corpulent Immensity
9. Devourification of Skewerised Rottiserie Hominids
10. Molecular Testicular Spectacular Dracula Vernacular
11. Reeking Blobs of Globular Viscosity
12. Barkkake
13. Superkalifragelisticexpibabyshakeus

The label reports: “Tapping into a variety of musical inspirations, the album sounds like Crepitation, but with more Crepitation. Faster, slower, more tech, more silly, more grind, more extreme and more stupid. Vicious Instinct Records is very proud to be releasing this record on behalf of Crepitation and we couldn’t be happier to share it with the world. Merch and media pre-orders are live, everything is limited to one pressing.”



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