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You could say that this is Sporae Autem Yuggoth week at NCS. Yesterday we presented a very good interview of this Chilean band, which presents lots of background about how they came to be, as well as intriguing insights about their debut album …However It Still Moves, which is set for release by Personal Records on May 19th. And now we’ll help introduce you to music from the album.

As our interviewer Comrade Aleks explained in his own introduction yesterday, “Their death-doom is balanced – it’s old school, but it isn’t obsolete, it’s grim and yet it has its bright moments.” Aleks also quoted some accurate words from a press release: “‘Dark as fuck’ is one way of describing However It Still Moves, but ‘bittersweetly beautiful’ is another, depending on what minute of the hour-long album you land on – many movements and many moods, but all dripping into (and reverberating back up from) a bottomless well of despair”.

As an even more tangible sign of what the album brings us, today we’re premiering the song that appears second in the album’s track list — “The Pendulum of Necropath“.

Like most genre labels, “death-doom” is informative, but only in a very limited way. It’s suggestive of dark, gloom-drenched moods, crushing heaviness, and beastly growls. It might also lead listeners expect a slowing of the pace at some point, as compared to more hostile death metal attacks.

And indeed some of these hallmarks are present in “The Pendulum of Necropath“. The music slowly heaves like the movements of a great subterranean beast, with the drums providing its pulverizing pulse and the vocals giving it a ghastly growling roar. But the music also creates an atmosphere that’s simultaneously supernatural and apocalyptic, as shimmering waves of eerie sound radiate from this hulking monstrosity.

It turns out that the beast is capable of attacking too — the riffing lumber and gouges, a guitar shrieks, the drums batter in a fury — and the song also shifts into an even more supernatural phase, where the notes ring, shimmer, and reverberate in seductive yet chilling tones, and a voice gasps. It’s the kind of near-psychedelic interlude that’s mesmerizing and yet still dangerous, and not something that the simple label “death-doom” is capable of signaling.

And speaking of danger, the band follow that interlude with a dire and towering stomp — the monster rises up in horrid, crushing magnificence. Even then, the strange shimmering, skittering, and wailing tones continue to beguile and chill the senses, like the practice of black magic sorcery.



And so, even this one song tells you something significant about what makes …However It Still Moves so compelling: Sporae Autem Yuggoth are powerful spellcasters as well as beastly bone-smashers, capable of creating visions of menace and horror as well as downcast and desolate moods.

Below we’re also sharing a stream of the first single from the album, a mauling, mangling, and malignant song called “Disintegration“. It’s also the kind of thing that will make your skin crawl, but unlike the song we’ve premiered today, the twisted fretwork also makes it sound frenzied and deranged. It’s also kind of glorious, and it includes a splendid solo that’s  beautifully heart-breaking. Another powerful sign of the band’s multi-faceted and dynamic approach to their songcraft.

Personal Records will release the album on CD and digital formats, and both are available for pre-order now.



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