May 042023

(Christopher Luedtke introduces our premiere of a new song and video from the Canadian band Holy Grinder.)

Toronto, Ontario’s Holy Grinder has been blasting out some of the harshest noisegrind since 2016. Rough, tough, mean, and gruff, the unit has been fluid in its approach while achieving a consistently brutal output. And their upcoming album 10 Desecrations will be nothing short of another bull strapped with Semtex in a China shop. Today, the band is unleashing their latest video for the new single “Get Well.” It’s time to take a trip to the cleaners.

The latest Holy Grinder track is another exercise in brutish swiftness. In the span of less than a minute, the band lays siege almost like they are flirting with war metal. Like a flyover of a razed civilization, Holy Grinder‘s sound is rumbly, crumbly, and chaotic. But it should be no surprise that in spite of the chaos Topan Das (Fuck the Facts) of Apartment 2 recorded this and made it sound as heavy as humanly possible.

What does not often get discussed is how noisegrind, despite being an erratic genre, can be structured, and that is something Holy Grinder have demonstrated release after release. “Get Well” is no exception. The sound is wholly chaotic in nature but there is an immediate bloody build-up followed by the quick sting of a breakdown. And not content with one clock to the skull, Holy Grinder take a few more before the track cuts out. As for the takeaway from the video? One could say Holy Grinder are laundering their noisegrind.

No official date for 10 Desecrations has been announced yet but according to the band’s Instagram, it will see the light of day sometime in summer 2023. Until then, Holy Grinder will not clean up their act. Instead, they will likely make it filthier and more brutal. Be on the lookout for more.


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