May 172023

As you could quickly conclude if you searched our site for the words “Infernal Curse“, it’s always welcome news around here when this Argentinian black/death metal band surfaces with new music. The latest welcome news is that on June 23rd Infernal Curse will release their third album in a career that now spans 15 years. The name of the new one (a classic example of truth in advertising) is Revelations Beyond Insanity, and it will arrive via Iron Bonehead Productions.

If you haven’t yet explored this group’s evolving discography, it’s a hell of a trip. There are definite through-lines — bestial barbarity and barely controlled chaos among them — but the band have also moved in more mind-bending directions, using their undeniable savagery as a morphing vehicle for spawning blood-congealing hallucinations and visions of hideous grandeur.

A vivid sign of that was provided a month ago in the first single from the new album, which united the album’s intro and its title track.

Menacing cathedral-organ chords that would be at home in “Phantom of the Opera” provide the intro, but as the title “Revelations Beyond Insanity“ signifies, what follows is an experience that abruptly throws off the cloak of haunting gloom and attacks in a cataclysm of dense, scathing riffage, turbocharged drum pistons, undulating bass tones, and terrifying howls that seem to echo from within a crypt.

This marauding musical beast stalks and stomps too, so your head can heave before the final maniacal convulsion.

What we have for you now is another revelation beyond insanity — the song that immediately follows that title track one in the new album’s running order.

As the name “Black Mass Shepherd” suggests, the song does have an atmosphere of a devil-worshiping rite, thanks to abrasive chords and monstrous roars that rise up like the exaltation of dark forces. Those opening moments are dangerous and malign, but the band rapidly erupt in an orgiastic convulsion of wildly roiling guitar-spasms, over-heating bass-work, and high-octane drum mania. The participants have gone mad! Or demons are now in their midst.

The cold-hearted evil that dwells in the core of the music is always present, thanks to its thrusting physicality, brazen fanfares, and of course those horrific roars. But in addition to those qualities (and the music’s rampant, lunatic violence), it also sounds like this black mass ritual has succeeded in parting a veil and allowed chilling spectres to come through, as weird wailing tones slowly slither through the maelstroms.

As you probably know, Iron Bonehead Productions doesn’t indulge in pre-orders, so you’ll want to mark June 23rd on your calendar. The album will be available then via the links below. To stay abreast of developments between now and that release date, follow Infernal Curse on social media.



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