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The Montreal band Serpent Corpse named themselves for a dead thing, and their brand of death metal does channel the stench of rot and ruin. But the great serpent brandished in their name still lives, a monstrous presence that will not be subdued, but finds an ally in death.

In less gruesomely poetic terms, Serpent Corpse are bringing forth a debut album named Blood Sabbath that isn’t just rotten to the core but also massively bludgeoning, chillingly supernatural, and maniacally vicious. The music seeps into the bloodstream like a fatal poison, disembowels with ravenous cruelty, and feeds on what it has spilled with ghastly relish.

Well, I guess we weren’t finished with the gruesome poetry after all. With music this horrifying and electrifying, it’s hard to resist.

Speaking of feeding on entrails, we have an album track to share with you today that’s named “Let the Rats Feed“, and man, do they ever.

Wasting no time in this new song, Serpent Corpse inflict brutishly hammering drums and a dense roiling mass of riffage pierced by maniacally shrieking guitar tortures. Though the drums segue into a monstrous stomp, the bass continues its feverish throb and the riffing begins vibrating in grisly, sickening tones — it does sound as if a pack of red-eyed rats are busily feeding.

To add to the monstrosity of the experience, a throat seemingly choked with viscera expels haughty growls and rabid howls, and the music begins to crawl, moan, and wail like specters in misery, albeit with no relent in the skull-clubbing, gut-slugging heaviness of the rhythm section.

The rats may continue to feed, but slashing heavy metal chords also rise up in a manifestation of hideous grandeur and ruthless imperiousness. The vocals go even more mad, the drums pound a processional march, the bass throbs in the listener’s veins, and the guitars convulse, feeding again on ruined flesh.



This new song makes a powerful impression, but it doesn’t completely capture all of Serpent Corpse‘s fiendish predilections. Not for naught do the press materials make comparative references across the span of Blood Sabbath to the likes of Bolt Thrower and the D-beating of early Entombed, as well as “Darkthrone during their death metal days, Seance skewing death ‘n’ roll, the DM-in-glue of classic Cianide, or especially Autopsy‘s transition into Abscess“.

Blood Sabbath is set for a July 5 international release by Temple of Mystery Records, on CD and vinyl LP formats. It features busily bewildering macabre cover art courtesy of Lucas Korte.

To give you another taste of what Blood Sabbath offers, we’re also including a stream of the previously released song “Nemesis“, which earns those references above. Like the song we’re premiering today, it’s also an example of the band’s top-shelf talent for writing songs that are as infectious (in both senses of the word) as they are bone-smashing and mind-warping.

EU/Asia/North America: https://serpentcorpse.bandcamp.com/album/blood-sabbath
Asia/North America only: https://templeofmystery.ca/product-category/serpent-corpse/

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