Jun 082023

White noise is a term that technically refers to a sonic sensation which equally includes all frequencies across a spectrum of audible sound, a meaningless commotion of static that can be used to drown out other sounds, which is why white noise generators are sometimes used as sleep aids. Sometimes it’s compared to the emissions of an old radio whose dial hasn’t yet found a station.

The New York avant-garde post-metal band Guhts had their reasons for naming their new single “White Noise“, but it’s not because the music sounds like some meaningless background drone, and it most definitely is not soporific. Far from it, as you’re about to learn for yourselves.

People who’ve heard Guhts‘ 2021 EP Blood Feather or their summer 2022 single “Burn My Body” won’t be surprised by that observation. Both of those releases were the kind of sonic and emotional powerhouses whose impact could be likened to meteor craters on Saturnian moons (not our moon, because it’s too familiar, and the music of this band tends to be startling).

White Noise” (the new Guhts single we’re premiering) is a hypnotic, haunting, and harrowing amalgam of sensations, a union of mysterious and ethereal tonalities and massive clawing undercurrents, of booming and cracking beats and flowing audio seas of gossamer lightness. Sometimes it sounds like stars glimmering in the vault of night above tectonic plates grinding in the crushing depths below.

As usual, the voice of Amber Burns is the centerpiece, reaching heights of wrenching intensity and calling out like a mesmerizing siren from a dream. The vocals are transfixing, both tormented and hypnotic, but we’re still well aware of how pulverizing the rhythm section sound, slugging and clobbering even in the song’s softest moments.

Ultimately, the punishing low frequencies cause the music to tower, daunting in their heaviness, and high above the music expands into wondrous vastness, reaching its apex of power as celestial choral voices combine with ruinous screams and the rhythm section render calamitous upheavals.

This one will be very hard to forget.



Amber Burns – Vocals
Scott Prater – Guitars & Vocals
Daniel Shaneyfelt – Guitars & Keyboards
Brian Clemens – Drums
Daniel Martinez – Bass

The music was recorded by Andy Patterson, and the vocals by Andrew Schneider. Andrew Schneider also mixed the song, and it was mastered by Magnus Lindberg. “White Noise” is available now on Bandcamp and will be on all major streaming platforms by tomorrow. You’ll find more info about it, and about Guhts, via the links below.

We also want to mention that Guhts will soon be embarking on a major tour that begins with them sharing the stage in New York City with Yob and Cave In, and includes an appearance at the Maryland Doom Fest and the Ohio Doomed & Stoned Fest. We’ve included all the current dates after the links.



6/12 – NYC w/ Yob & Cave In
6/19 – Saratoga, NY w/ False Gods
6/20 – Portland, ME w/ False Gods & Hollow Leg
6/21 – Boston, MA w/ False Gods & Hollow Leg
6/22 – Brooklyn, NY w/ False Gods & Hollow Leg
6/23 – Maryland Doom Fest
6/24 – Virginia Beach, VA w/ False Gods
6/25 – Philadelphia, PA w/ False Gods
7/28 – Scranton, PA w/ False Gods & Maharaja
7/29 – Ohio Doomed & Stoned Fest
7/30 – Rochester, NY w/ False Gods & Maharaja


  1. This is absolutely stunning.

  2. Mesmerizingly beautiful.

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