Jul 102023

On October 13th Transcending Obscurity Records will release the debut album from Arborescence of Wrath, a vicious death metal entity that comprises current or former members of Origin, Marduk, and Benighted. The album could hardly be better-named: Inferno.

Up ’til today interested listeners have had two tracks from the album to consume (or more accurately to be consumed by), and today we’re bringing you a third one. Its name is “Repentance“, but the signs of remorse in the music are bleak, and ultimately overpowered by the extremity of the music’s madness and violence.

Given the resumes of the band’s participants it’s no great shock that the music here is often fast, hostile, and brutalizing — even more so than you might be expecting. If there is a mood of repentance in the music, it’s mainly at the outset when the drums slowly pound with punishing force, the chords moan and wail, and the words come in tormented pronouncements and guttural growls. All of that creates a grim and agonized mood — and then the violence begins.

The gutturals roar in a fury; the riffing creates seizures of dangerous derangement; the drums inflict machine-gun obliteration; the vocals explode in rabid howls and crazed screams. That opening phase re-surfaces, but in ways that disturbingly bloom into fevers of mind-mutilating agony, and the band also convulse in bursts of jittering fretwork and pulverizing detonations.

As the song proceeds on its harrowing course, weird wailing and warbling tones emerge, along with a freaked-out guitar solo that’s both pyrotechnic and psychedelic, and near the end ringing chords become an anthem of pain before one last high-speed convulsion of turbocharged drumming, disemboweling bass frenzies, cacophonous vocals, and rapidly roiling and writhing fretwork — perhaps the most electrifying display of insanity yet.

Jason Keyser (Origin) – Vocals
Michel Beneventi – Guitars
JP Battesti – Guitars
Simon Schilling (Marduk) – Drums
Charles Collette (ex-Benighted) – Bass

Transcending Obscurity will release Inferno on 8-panel digipak CD format as well as digitally, with lots of apparel options of course, all of which feature that horrifying cover art by Santiago Francisco Jaramillo (Triple Seis Design). It’s recommended for fans of Hate Eternal, Krisiun, Hour of Penance, Origin, Depravity, and Deathfuckingcunt.

We’re also including streams of those two previously released tracks, “Hangman” and “Relentless Infights“.




  1. Marduk will release a killer album too, Memento Mori.

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