Jul 252023

-Good morning, my neighbors!

(In March of this year Axel Stormbreaker brought us a two-part “Bizarre Playlist to Piss Off Your Neighbors“. as a way of welcoming Spring. Being seasonably adjusted, he now returns with a Summertime Edition.)

Oh my, oh my. Thank you very much. It’s true these past few months haven’t been good (life’s shit, currently), hence why you haven’t seen any proper reviewing work on my behalf. Not that I’m looking for pointless sympathy from strangers, it’s just that several bands have asked me to review their work. And I should have done something weeks ago, at a time I wouldn’t feel like I could put together a concrete sentence, even if that’d save my own life. And then guilt came along, spreading its bleak, bat-shaped wings all over my entire subconscious.

Or maybe I should just blame my enjoyment for promoting music, even if it’s just a dumb, occasional hobby. I even started this blog in a hopeless attempt to lift my spirits; mostly for publishing conceptual work that bears no relation to NCS, such as fictional tales, ’90s TV show reviews, Japanese jazz, and other bizarre concepts. Sadly, so far I only uploaded one fictional tale I wrote right after the initial outbreak of COVID’s pandemic, but I guess I’ll work on it further, sometime.

So. enough with my senseless mumbling. You’d better enjoy the following muzick, or else. I’ll only recommend six, six, six releases for now, ‘cos I’m a horrible person and words don’t seem to flow anyway.

Here we go.


Subspecies – Crimson Desire (1996)

British gothic/doom metal done right. I dunno how many of you recall that provocative ’90s death/black band called Dead Christ? Those dudes released a shit ton of rusty demos and EPs before “Churchcrusher” and “Undead Devourer” (rofl) moved on to their side-project named Subspecies. Their first two demos under that name leaned closer to Dead Christ’s material; meaning they exhaled volatile toxicity right up to the point they finished school and got bored of any Beherit-infused black metal.

And don’t me wrong here, I immensely dig early Beherit, as well as those old Dead Christ tapes, but it’s only expected they’d explore other sounds the more they learned how to actually play their instruments. In fact, Subspecies’ Crimson Desire remained as a testament to what early Anathema would sound like, had they adopted the visionary aspects of H.R. Giger. Dead Christ were already big Cradle of Filth fans anyway, and most goth-infused records of the time did adapt either a symphonic, or an avant-garde, influence of similar aesthetics.

In case you think I’m being edgy, this review was written in DeadChrist-style, sort of.



NFD – Trinity (2023)

New NFD material after a decade of silence is quite a thing for gothic rock. Even though I do wonder whether the scene expired for good since everything is about synth-based post-punk nowadays. Gothic rock seems so outdated it’s no exaggeration I’m beginning to feel like a Watcher; you know, this lurking, creepy historian dude who preserves the chronicles of Immortals battling each other to the death until there may be only one left, or so.

Nevertheless, despite their extended absence, NFD sound stronger and more mature than ever. What Trinity chooses here is to invest further in alluring depth, by amplifying its underlying emotions to an extent equivalent to God-fearing awe. Its crimson atmosphere is seeping through your senses in a manner so subtle you are bound to play the infernal role of a protagonist spiraling down to the realms of Dante’s Inferno. Either that, or I just had too much wine to drink, a brand of liquor I may tend to dislike, but exceptions are made when the occasion calls for.




Exxocet – Mighty Jungle (2019)

Ok, I can get why the cover demonstrates some aspects of a Poison (US) rip-off band. And while they do incorporate a significant dose of ingredients derived from Reckless Love and other such younger party rockers, their metal foundations are too rigid to ignore. Judas Priest (Painkiller/Ram It Down era) and ’80s Testament (up to Souls of Black) are the first names that immediately pop up. Even though you are bound to discover a variety of sounds as you go through their condensed layers.

A rather pleasant offering, must I say, coming from Chile. A country carrying a long, worthy tradition not only in extreme metal, but in classic heavy sounds as well. My only guess it’s been so overlooked is it’s due to bad timing (as it was released a few months prior to COVID’s outbreak).



Leaderdogs for the Blind – Lemonade (1995)

Big fan of Christian metal here. It’s contrary, unconventional, as well as appealing in a way comparable only to ’90s obscure demos. I get this may sound outrageous to most, but I enjoy the exotic aspect of bands who offer a certain peculiar flavor.

Now, if you just take a look at Lemonade’s cover, it’s groove metal disguised under the visual aesthetics of ’90s mainstream punk rock. All while their true essence leans towards that rusty old vein found in early Prong and Helmet. The additional fact they (occasionally) incorporate this subtle southern touch in regards to their clean vocals is genius. Simply put, it’s a holified blend made in heaven, yet meant to sound heavy as hell, up to a point praying won’t contradict fist-fighting your kitchen walls in the heat of their fevered climaxing.



City Kings – Steel Rock ‘n’ Roll (2023)

Total Motörhead worship. Think of a nastier version of Portland’s Burning Leather. Or just of a tight combination of Motör-eras, somewhat close to Bastards-meets-IronFist-meets-Inferno, perhaps. Whole point is: if you dig tribute bands (guilty as charged, Your Honor) you’ll place it among the contenders for the best dark-horse albums of the year and you’ll even need the vinyl (even though band copies are already sold-out). Otherwise, you are an old-timer who thinks all tribute bands are crap, so it’s either not your thing, or you just never paid a visit to your nearest otorhinolaryngologist.

Keep in mind that by the time you’ll pronounce your doctor’s specialty, you may have gone through the entire album already. Maybe better give it a try, or two, no?




Coffin Party – Coffin Party (2023)

Anyone recalls that obscure music blog called Cosmic Hearse? No? Well, anyway, it’s been dearly missed since Aesop Dekker happens to be one of my four main influences as a writer. Not that I’m any good at it myself, I just like his grumpy style and how preposterous he can be at times. Only reason he doesn’t know is I don’t see a freaking point in writing him an e-mail saying “hey dude, you are so cool, such an inspiration”, as it’s too fucking lame and he wouldn’t have anything to answer back besides a simple “thanks”, anyway.

But the thing is he’s a great drummer and most of his bands are cool. Which is why you should also know of Coffin Party, as it’s “that” kind of trashy mess eclectic punks occasionally dig. Truth is most may think it leans towards Poison Idea (and I do get the reference), but myself, I can’t help not getting an image of early Die Kreuzen getting into a drunken brawl with Destruction, somewhere nearby a venue hosting a ’70s Motörhead show. It’s that kind of scary fun that’s also a bit indulging, taking you back to eras all too absurd compared to the here and now.




Guillotina – Guillotina (1994)

Bonus recommendation. Think of it as a hidden track. An old-time Mexican blend of ’90s hard rock, grunge and groove metal. I may get why the vocals may sound odd to some, but those dusty grooves spin so sprightly that’s relatively easy to overlook.



Blindstone – Freedom’s Calling (2008)

And yet another hidden track. This sounds as if Dave Meniketti decided to start a bluesy stoner rock band. It’s trippy, spirited and overall ideal for your summertime chilling.



Little Angels – Big Bad World EP (1989)

And yes, another hidden track. Electrified late ’80s hair metal. Expect all the usual cliches: fuzzy hair, short skirts, rock ‘n’ roll fun ’till you eventually drop. I get there may be a million of such God-forsaken bands, but this really reminds me of the transition from Turbo to Ram it Down, at least in a glam metal fashion. Can’t really beat that now, can you?



Jet Red – Jet Red (1989)

Melodic hard rock / hair metal from the ’80s. I guess I added too much of rock-oriented music, but hey, I did warn you what you’re getting is the summertime playlist edition. I’ll admit here Jet Red’s debut may not be anything sort of special, I just have a soft spot for it for reasons I can’t possibly comprehend. Only thing I know is smooth tracks such as “Look In Your Eyes”, “Let It Roll” and “Take Me Tonight” sound as they should for my chilling summertime evenings. And that should be more than enough for you, me, and everyone included.


  1. Faster and easier to just put the new Disimperium album on repeat for 12 hours 🙂

    • That would definitely piss off OUR neighbors. 🙂

    • Ah I don’t feel particularly tough lately. And my neighbors don’t seem to have a problem whatsoever. It’s just a fun cliché.

      The idea came from the one time I fell asleep while blasting supersonic shit… all night long…

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