Aug 172023

Today we’re helping bring the first new music from a new band into the public consciousness. The band is Give Me the Grave, and they’re a trio from Ohio and Pennsylvania who came together to form the band just this year. The lineup features current members of Plaguewielder and Wide Eyes and a former member of Nova Prospect.

They’ve recorded an EP’s worth of songs, entitled Mind In Decay, and what we’ve got for you today is the first single off the EP, a track named “Godless“.

Give Me the Grave pitch their music as “equal parts chaotic and cathartic”, pulling from traditions of Deathcore and Nu-Metal and “embracing the darkness and intensity of both genres”.

Given the kind of extreme metal that our site usually traffics in, and based on what we surmise about our usual audience, we expect that at least a few of you are already having skeptical thoughts. Deathcore? Nu Metal? Are we entering a time warp?

Well, suspend any such skeptical thoughts for the two minutes and 41 seconds it takes to be thoroughly smashed and stomped by “Godless“.

The song delivers massive pounding and clanging riffage, gut-plundering bass lines, bone-smashing drum hammers, and screams as raw as road burn. The experience is bleak and brutalizing, only briefly broken by softer bits of bass-and-drum interplay.

After a quick pause, the pace accelerates, the drumming becomes more vividly clobbering, and the guitar seems to writhe in agony, followed by start-stop bursts of bare-knuckled thuggery, abyssal growls, and a closing crescendo of bludgeoning madness and mayhem.

The song’s hardcore roots are plain for all to see, but they flower into a ruthless crusher, visceral in the weight of its grooves and grim and grievous in its moods.

Bryce Seditz from Give Me the Grave (and Plaguewielder) tells us this about how the song came to be, and its meaning:

“‘Godless‘ is one of those songs that just has a bounce to it. At first, Cory (ex-Nova Prospect) and I didn’t really think it was anything special. Once Chris (Wide Eyes) got ahold of it, we got very excited. He adds a lot of spice to his drumming.

“Lyrically, I’ve been thinking about what the song is about. It’s the feeling of losing your innocence as an adult. Disconnecting with everything you’ve known. The child in you dies.”

Godless” is available right now as a digital “name your price” download at Bandcamp. You can expect another single from the Mind In Decay EP in a few months. In the meantime you can follow the band on FB and Insta.




  1. When done well (which it happens to be here), Deathcore and Nu Metal become something great. These lads make the clever move of pulling more from the early Deathcore of Despised Icon and All Shall Perish, than whatever most modern Bands are doing

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