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Five years after the release of their debut album The Grand Manifestation, the Swedish black metal band Third Storm are returning with a new full-length named The Locust Mantra, which is set for release on October 6th by Chaos Records. But a glance at Metal Archives reveals that the band’s roots are far older than the timing of that debut album or even Dark Descent‘s 2015 release of their first EP might suggest.

In fact, Third Storm was first formed in 1986, when the four original members were only in the age range of 14-16. They recorded a couple of primitive, thrashy demos, played about a dozen shows, and then threw in the towel in 1988.

Yet obviously something re-kindled the Third Storm spirit a quarter-century later, when original vocalist Heval Bozarslan re-started the band, joined by guitarist David Eriksson and eventually by guitarist Hasse Hansson, and now they show no signs of stopping again. Indeed, this new album is the second installment in a planned trilogy that began with The Grand Manifestation.

photo by Susan Thorgen

Those three people named above are still present and accounted for, but now joined on The Locust Mantra by a new rhythm section consisting of bassist Daniel Håkansson and drummer Jesper Ojala, both of whom make a hell of a strong impression on the new full-length. As an electrifying sign of what they’ve all done together, today we present the record’s second single and opening track.

As you will discover, “The Clandestine Gospel” is undeniably hellish. Fronted by demonically malignant vocals and reaching fiery heights of ravishing instrumental frenzy, the song easily spawns visions of the gates of Hades blasted open and all its horrid denizens pouring out in a flood of blood and gnashing teeth.

But you’ll also quickly discern that there’s a lot more going on in the song than the creation of a ravaging sonic hellstorm. In just the first minute the band seamlessly shift the rhythm and the riffing four times, creating a technically impressive prelude that seizes attention before they return to the opening salvo of blistering drums and devilish racing chords — and then they unspool the gleaming reverberations of a sinister and sulphurous solo which carries the song forward in even more sinister fashion.

Third Storm continue masterfully leading the listener on a twisting and turning path, and along the way they dig their devilish melodies deeper under the skin, and create changing moods of infernal haughtiness, feral lust, and venomous delirium.

The album was mixed and mastered at Rorysound by Lawrence Mackrory, and the diabolical cover art is the work of Raul Gonzales.

Chaos Records obviously knows a good thing when they get it in their grip, and so the label will be releasing The Locust Mantra (a 9-song, 41-minute opus) on a variety of formats — CD, vinyl LP, cassette tape, and digital. Pre-order options are available via the links below.

Also below, we invite you to listen to the new album’s exhilarating first single, “World Infernal“.




  1. Cool, they started in 1986!. I remember their previous album. Its always good to see metal bands return after a long time. Metal never dies.

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