Sep 082023

(Below, Christopher Luedtke introduces our premiere of a song from a new album by the Baltimore-based math/grind group Euclid C Finder.)

The resurgence of the mathcore scene in the last half decade-plus has been a refreshing one to witness. Seeing those unwilling to put to bed frenzied, jarring meter changes, the skittering of panic chords, alongside the fusing of math rock, noise rock, hardcore, punk, grind, and noise, gives the genre more mobility than most—it has a very diverse palate. Euclid C Finder is here to add to that pool with their latest track “Corpse Party.”

Originally, Euclid C Finder started out as a one-person band by vocalist Mike Mehl, but the unit has since evolved into a three-piece. Originating in 2017 in Baltimore, MD, Mehl wrote the majority of the upcoming The Mirror, My Weapon, I Love You LP between 2018 and 2022, as well as the band’s previous two releases. Bandmates Adam Smith and Seth McFarland have since joined and rounded out the roster.

Corpse Party” is their second debut track from their latest album, and its opener, and it’s named after the JRPG horror video game. Clocking in at just over two-minutes, the track is a catchy introduction to the frenzy.

If you have heard Sleepsculptor, this track sounds a lot like something off Entry: Dispersal. It’s punchy, it blasts hard and bounces. But doesn’t linger there forever. The track moves through some licks before throwing itself into a series of blasts/breakdowns. From there it comes back with plenty of speed and a screeching lead before building into its end.

Concerning the theme of the track Mehl had this to say:

“I used to work in a server room late at night with no outside communication (no internet, no phone, no people). I sometimes struggle with intrusive thoughts, and one that haunted me on those nights was the idea of hanging myself by my belt to the ceiling, to be found in the morning. I found this extremely disturbing. This song is an argument between myself and that thought. The lyrics were mostly written just on the other side of the door to that room.”

Corpse Party” is an aggressive slice of mathcore with some catchy writing. The flair of the guitars and the punch of the drums are really elevated by the recording/mixing of Zach Weeks at GodCity Studios and the mastering by James Plotkin. Think Sleepsculptor, some old Dillinger Escape Plan, or MouthBreather.

Euclid C Finder are coming for all of us with their unrelenting chaos; it’s a mercy that they have given us time to prepare.



The Mirror, My Weapon, I Love You will be released on cassette by Zegema Beach Records on October 3rd, and on vinyl by Dark Trail Records on November 4th.




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