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Over the course of a demo, an EP, and a 2021 debut album (Strike Down the Saviour), it’s fair to say that the music of the blasphemous UK extremists Overthrow has evolved since their formation in 2011, moving from gritty thrash into an amalgam that has brought in elements of blackened death metal, with savagely ruinous but captivating effects.

Where that evolution has led them as of now is brazenly displayed on a new EP named Ascension of the Entombed that’s set for release by Redefining Darkness Records on Friday the 13th of October. The EP consist of four songs, and today we’re bringing you the closing track “Caustic Vengeance (Blindly Driven)“, along with an eye-grabbing visualizer video.

When recording in the studio, Overthrow is a two-person outfit, but they sound like a hateful horde. You’ll get some sense of that just from reading Overthrow‘s comments about the song we’re premiering today:

“‘Caustic Vengeance (Blindly Driven)‘ is about being motivated by pure hatred and revenge. It explores the pursuit of not only achieving a goal, but causing as much harm and chaos to others as possible in the process. Through the hatred of lesser-thans and seeking revenge on those that have wronged or slighted you comes unrelenting strength and focused wisdom.

“Ultimately, the one left standing is the one who does not let such a thing as morality or altruism get in his way. It’s a continuation of the mantra ‘it isn’t enough that I should succeed, others should fail’; in the case of this song, it isn’t enough that I should live, others should die.”

Obviously, Overthrow aren’t interested in peace on earth and good will toward men, and their music isn’t either.

In the opening of the song you’re about to hear, backed by bomb-burst drums and gunshot cracks, the corroded chord-reverberations sound oppressive and dismally hopeless, and a lead guitar emerges, wailing high above in the throes of misery.

But you can guess from what you’ve already read that the song won’t stay in this doomy and gloomy territory forever, and it doesn’t. A rapidly roiling riff leads the track into the violence of racing percussive thunder, and it channels an almost imperious madness, the effect made madder still by rabid growls and lunatic screams.

That abrasive whirling riff is a catchy beast, but the band also bring the pile-drivers into play, segmenting the riot with doses of thuggish brutality, and they also rapidly spin up the music into paroxysms of savagery.

What might surprise you is the importance of melody in making this song such a riveting experience, and other whirring and whirling lead guitar arpeggios underscore that point, adding moods of despair and domination in the midst of the convulsions and the brute-force pounding.

And so, despite the song’s horrid thematic conception, it proves to be a multi-faceted affair, emotionally affecting as well as sinister, slaughtering, and explosive.

Jay White – Guitar/Vocals
Scott Lindsay – Drums
Grant McCallum – Guitar (live shows only)
Jamie Scougall – Bass (live shows only)

Overthrow have played numerous live shows, supporting such bands as Midnight, Night Demon, and Diamond Head – just to name a few — but they’ve got more coming up. They’ve been selected to play alongside Burner, supporting thrash legends Evile in London on December 9th, and will be performing at Riff Fest in London on September 22nd.

Ascension Of The Entombed was produced and engineered by Scott Bacon, and was mixed/mastered by Harris Zourelidis (Dead Congregation). It features suitably ghastly cover art by Deuteromali, who has also done work for such bands as Massacremtion, Shadow Of Intent, and Fetid Gore.

Redefining Darkness will release the album on CD and digital formats, and pre-orders are open now. Below, we’ve also included the video for the first single off the EP, which was the title track “Ascension of the Entombed“.


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