Oct 092023

To be honest, we’re used to over-the-top exaggeration when we get descriptions of music from PR agents, labels, and even bands. It comes with the territory, when the territory is so deluged with releases fighting for attention. At times, however, over-the-top descriptions turn out to be accurate.

Take, for example, what Transcending Obscurity Records has written about the Swedish grindcore band Walking Corpse and their new album, the beautifully named Our Hands, Your Throat:

Walking Corpse step on the accelerator till your hair starts to tear off, deviate from the path abruptly, and before you know it, jump back on the track with increased neck-snapping speed. There’s a twisted, dissonant edge to the music here as it rampages with abandon, borrowing elements of death metal and even a bit of sludge, and throws everything at you faster than you can flinch…. This is cerebral grind delivered with spine-rupturing mayhem.

Sounds over-the-top, right? Yeah maybe, but if anything, it turns out to be an understatement, as you’ll discover from the song we’re premiering today: “Nothing Grows Here“.

Nothing Grows Here” is as wild an escapade as you’re likely to hear this month, or any other month. Everything about it is so unhinged and unpredictable that all you can do is let the adrenaline flood your body and hang on for dear life.

The sheer maniacal lunacy of the music is in part a function of the unbridled madness of the vocals, which veer from crazed roars to hair-on-fire screams. But all the other rapidly moving parts are no more sane than those throat-ruining voices.

The high-speed drumming inflicts ruinous beatings, but does so in constantly morphing and head-spinning ways. The bass lines slug damned hard too, but mutate just as fast. Quick stops and starts in what they’re doing (and a few oddly appearing cymbal ticks) add to the bamboozling effects.

Despite the general barbarity of the assault, the guitar work is also remarkably intricate, technically impressive, and thoroughly twisted. The riffs swarm and slash, whine and whir, punish like jackhammers, and dart about like bats in flight or carnivorous insects in a feeding frenzy, stripping flesh from bone.

Or to be more succinct, this is sheer mayhem that’s downright dazzling.

Henrik Blomqvist – Vocals
Fredrik Rojas – Guitars & Bass
Magnus Dahlin – Drums & Bass

The also-crazed cover art was created by CVSPE. T.O. will release the album on December 1st in an 8-panel digipack CD edition and digitally, with lots of apparel options and other merch.

They recommend it for fans of: Rotten Sound, Fuck the Facts, Bathtub Shitter, Terra Builder, Spurn, Antigama, and Ernia.

We’ve got the usual links below, along with streams of three previously released album tracks — the title song, “The Wheel“, and “Malediction“.



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