Nov 132023

No Clean Singing has been a proud sponsor of Northwest Terror Fest since its inception in June 2017, not just helping to spread the word but adding the (mostly) able bodies and (mostly) addled minds of our staff to the production of the fest as it has happened on stage. And now we’re doing it again.

As previously announced, Northwest Terror Fest will again take over the Seattle underground with a three-day cavalcade of dark, dangerous, and diverse sounds on May 9th to May 11th, 2024. What hasn’t been previously announced, but has now been made public as of today, is who you’ll get to see on stage. Here’s the lineup:

Ascended Dead
Blackwater Holylight
Body Void
Colony Drop
Daeva (WA/OR Exclusive)
Diabolic Oath
Eternal Champion (WA/OR Exclusive)
Foie Gras
Forbidden (WA/OR Exclusive)
Giant Squid performing Metridium Fields (WA/OR Exclusive)
Grave Infestation
Immortal Bird
Mother of Graves
Nox Novacula
Physical Wash
Primitive Man
Repulsion (WA/OR Exclusive)
Slow Crush
Spiritual Poison (WA/OR Exclusive)
Sumerlands (WA/OR Exclusive)
Warp Chamber
Weekend Nachos (WA/OR Exclusive)

Maybe you’d like to see these names with audio-visual accompaniment? (Thanks to Chariot of Black Moth for this excellent video):

Of course, we’re not objective, but we do believe this fest has consistently moved from strength to further strength with each passing year, and 2024 shows all signs of being the best yet.

The event will take place again at two of Seattle’s premier music venues, Neumos and Barboza, located in Seattle’s historical Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Less than an hour before this NCS post went live, NWTF also launched early-bird ticket sales. We’re excited to say that they sold out in a flash. So what we want to announce now is that a second wave of full-festival tickets will go on sale on November 24th at 10AM Pacific Time, at this location:

More announcements concerning the fest will of course follow in the lead-in to the event itself. To stay abreast of those, follow Northwest Terror Fest at these locations:

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