Dec 272023

We find ourselves on the bridge between the old year and the new, still reflecting on the ruins and glories of the past 12 months but also looking ahead to whatever degradations and marvels 2024 might bring.

One of those marvels is already blooming, like a viciously thorned black rose. Well, that’s one way of thinking about Sinister Upheaval, the debut album from Germany’s death/thrashing Boundless Chaos that’s set for release in January by Dying Victims Productions.

A better way is to envision a pitch-black red-eyed steed racing at you across the bridge from the gates of hell, confronting you with a choice: Vault onto it for a breathtaking, blood-pumping ride or get trampled.

You’ll see what we mean when you hear the new album track we’re premiering today: “Rip Out the Roots“.

Before Boundless Chaos begin the ripping in this song they provide a musical overture, unfurling ringing arpeggios that create an atmosphere of infernal menace and cowering fear — but the rhythm section slug the listener with armored fists while that happens.

And then, following a feverish bridge, the ripping begins, with riffs that slash and swirl, dart and dash, vocals that expel rabid snarls, and continued percussive punching. The mood becomes one of madness and mayhem, pitched to an even higher plane of violent lunacy by delirious soloing and a convulsion of hammering drums, throbbing bass, and swarming guitars.

The song’s headlong race delivers adrenaline in abundance, but at the end the band circle back to the diabolically sinister motifs that opened the song, and you may realize that the opening got stuck in your head even though you might not have known it at the time.

Sinister Upheaval follows the band’s 2020 EP Of Death and Perdition and a pair of subsequent splits with Idle Ruin and Reign in Blood, all of which are well worth checking out.

Dying Victims will release the new album on January 19th, on CD, variant vinyl editions, and digitally. All editions feature the cover artwork of the band’s vocalist E.M. Pre-orders are available now.

And in case you need more convincing, below we’re including streams of two previously released tracks from the album, “Down” and Guillotine“. The latter includes guest vocals by Malte Gericke (Sijjin, ex-Necros Christos).



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