Mar 292024

The Chilean death metal band Antagonyze first began coalescing in 2019, on the unknowing eve of a global pandemic. Despite the ensuing hardships of the plague, the band released a demo cassette in May 2020 (Echoes From Soul), but that year and the next year brought line-up changes even as the band continued to work on new songs.

Eventually they began to play new shows, and by the end of 2022 they decided to re-record the best songs of Echoes From Soul and added new songs to create a full-length work titled Interpretations of the Unknown Wilderness, which drew the attention of the great Mexican label Chaos Records.

That label will release the band’s debut album on April 19th, and as a sign of its marvels, today we present the album track “Hidden Wisdom“.

Vintage death metal provides the core of the music here, a vintage marked by thrash-paced, fleet-fingered madness, howl-at-the-moon vocals, pulse-pounding rhythm-section work, and a plethora of rapid-fire changes.

Undeniably vicious and viscerally propulsive, the song is also a mind-bender of a high order, not only because of the technical extravagance of the performances and the blistering pace at which the veering machinations occur, but also because of a truly spectacular guitar solo that steals away the song’s final minute.

With a weirdly wailing tone, like an exhilarated poltergeist transformed into sound, that solo frantically slithers and swirls, spirals high in screaming exultation and swoops like a furiously diving raptor. And it’s backed by an equally electrifying performance by the band’s other instrumentalists, all together creating an eye-popping finale which assures you won’t listen to the song just once.

Interpretations of the Unknown Wilderness was recorded by Felipe Cadenas at Estudio Chains, with mixing and mastering by Ignacio Riveros.

Chaos Records will release the album on CD and digital formats, and recommends it for fans of the ’90s works of Immolation, The Chasm, Shub Niggurath, and Mexico’s Cenotaph.

For more info, check out the links below, and also lend your ears to the stream we’ve provided for the new album’s first single, “Paradoxical Panic Essence“.

As for that song, get ready for another extravagant mind-bender and bone-breaker, a deranged and delirious song that not only attacks like a horde of ravenous insects or demon beasts on fire, but also dances and darts like a jubilant coven elevating about a bonfire and gloriously blazes like those flames themselves. It includes head-spinning tempo changes, another spectacular guitar solo, lots of attention-seizing bass-work, and truly unhinged vocals.

And just think — there are still 8 more songs to come!




  1. Very promising.

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