Jun 102024

Prepare yourselves for a nightmare armageddon of sound. No riffs, no melody, no reprieve, only derangement, devastation, and pain.

Truth be told, there really isn’t any good way of preparing for the sounds and sights in the video we’re premiering for the track “Amber Hum” off Atelier, an album released last month by the Finnish duo Vorare. Even the genre summing-up “avant-garde drone-doom/death industrial” doesn’t really do the job, and the track’s intriguing title only obscures the horror of what’s about to happen.

Vorare‘s methodology includes a visual component lashed together with the sounds, a point that becomes evident in the video we’re presenting of Vorare executing “Amber Hum” (and their listeners).

No light shines from above nor from behind (behind, there is only a changing collage of blue-grey and black images barely understood). In front, a light manically and unpredictable flashes, illuminating the rough-hooded forms (which might seem like members of a back-woods cannibal cult) as they inflict our punishment.

There is an ebb and flow in the noise, lesser and greater degrees of mutating malevolence. The drums and cymbal-crashes come and go as well, sometimes providing a steady pulse within the maelstroms, sometimes vanishing, and sometimes brutally hammering coffin nails.

At times the abrasive static-shrouded undercurrents in the noise throb with their own gruesome pulse. Wraiths might be rasping from a distant dimension. Other tones quiver, warble, and wail, building toward siren-like intensity, a warning that comes too late in the midst of droning radioactivity and fracturing bedrock.

Also at times the hanged man wails, howls, roars, and screams, tormented and enraged, tortured and berserk. Near the end the sirens return, but seem to be melting as the air catches fire and then shimmers in its heat.

This is no place for frail ears or fragile minds. Ears toughened from other abuses and strong minds may find the experience as transfixing as it is terrifying.

We’ve included Atelier in its entirety below. We’re told that it was crafted over the course of four days “in an old, ransacked atelier hiding in plain sight in an otherwise burgher-esque surroundings.”

We’re further told that “instead of surrendering freely to the warm lap of creation, the duo found themselves digging deep into the most profound pits of human psyche, aided by the constant cacophony of rain, construction work, and to be left unnamed factors.”

The process apparently took its toll on the participants and they stepped away from the recordings for nearly two years before returning to finalize what they’d done. That tale will ring true when you listen.




  1. oh my goodness.

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